Ranking Every ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode (63-43)

There are only 20 days left before the seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead premieres on our TV screens. I decided to rank every The Walking Dead episodes of the first six seasons from the worst to the best. Last week, I covered the “not-so-good” episodes, listing 20 episodes from the 83rd spot to the 64th spot (83-64). This week, I will be listing … Continue reading Ranking Every ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode (63-43)

Survivor: Top 10 Favorite Funny 115 Entries

Survivor, the American Reality TV Show, has always found a way to make us root for a certain someone in the show every season. Another thing they have managed to do is provide quality entertainment that would make anyone laugh out loud. For this week’s Top List, I’m going to share 10 of my favorite Funny 115 entries from the first two versions. Without further … Continue reading Survivor: Top 10 Favorite Funny 115 Entries

3 LGBT Books You Should Read

Whether it’s a young boy trying to figure out his identity or a lesbian defying the expectations of the society, there is something about LGBT Literature that could change the way you feel about yourself or the people around you. The first time I was exposed to LGBT books, it felt really magical. For this week’s Top Lists, I am going to recommend my top 3 favorite LGBT Books to share that magic with you all. Continue reading “3 LGBT Books You Should Read”