This is now the fourth month of The Adrenalist Writer. As usual, I would like to thank everyone who read my blog posts. I will continue to do my best to give you all the most relatable content. Here are the top five posts from the previous month! Into the Woods The Top 5 Countries I Want to Visit Before I Die An Adult’s Guide to … Continue reading FOUR!

Two Months of The Adrenalist Writer!

It has been another amazing month, and just like I did last month, I want to take everyone who continues to read and support my blog. Here are the top 5 posts for the month of September! ‘You Don’t Look/Act Gay’ American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare Episode 1 “Chapter 1” Thoughts Early 20’s Crisis Top 5 Gay Themed Films You Should Watch Sunset Chaser … Continue reading Two Months of The Adrenalist Writer!

Welcome to The Adrenalist Writer’s Blog!

I have had a lot of ideas and stories that I want to tell which usually only end up in my journal. I feel like those ideas and stories will be kept there until I do something to share them with the world. That’s when I thought that I should start blogging. I have done it in the past, but at a young age, I tend to run out of things to talk about.

Now, more experienced and expressive about the things I want to share, I created this blog. I am The Adrenalist Writer and welcome!

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