Survivor: Game Changers – Fourteenth Boot

The penultimate of Survivor: Game Changers continues with only seven players remaining in the game, and the stakes just got bigger. Continue reading “Survivor: Game Changers – Fourteenth Boot”


Survivor: Game Changers – Thirteenth Boot

The penultimate episode of Survivor: Game Changers definitely did not hold back, like in the previous season, we will be witnessing a double Tribal Council leading up to the final episode of the season. Continue reading “Survivor: Game Changers – Thirteenth Boot”

Survivor: Game Changers – Fourth Boot

Every season of Survivor, the players are always presented with a fresh twist that shake up the entirety of their gameplay. From the Mutiny in Cook Islands, to the carnival duels of Redemption Island, to the Super Idol in Kaoh Rong, and the Legacy Advantage in Millennials vs. Gen XSurvivor never fails to provide twists that helps a player become a game changer. Continue reading “Survivor: Game Changers – Fourth Boot”

Survivor: Game Changers – Third Boot

This week’s episode of Survivor: Game Changers featured the expansion of two tribes into three tribes of six. There were people who unfortunately drew a buff that put them in the minority, so they immediately had to work to get into the numbers as soon as they hit their new tribe. Unfortunately for one contestant, the tribal lines have been drawn so there wasn’t any way to change how they think.

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