Man versus Earth

Earth has proven time and time again how much of a work of art it is. Landscapes of beauty that could be hidden in an unexplored cave, the depths of the seas, the canopies formed by trees in the forests, the untouched spring on top of a mountain, the pure white sand on the beach with that meets with the waves of the ocean on its shore, and even the simplest of coffee plantations and grape vineyards. Continue reading “Man versus Earth”


Come Out and Play

There comes a time in our lives when we all have to make decisions. Those decisions may be kept in our private sense, but there is nothing better than the freedom from all the crisis that we keep within ourselves. Before you continue reading, I want you to ask yourselves: What is your gender identity? What is your sexual orientation? Continue reading “Come Out and Play”

The Millennial Poison

Have you been chided for being an overachiever, and for making yourself feel special? Do you think you’re always misunderstood because you’re supposed to be intelligent but other people can’t see this? Are you born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s? Chances are you’re a millennial. Millennials, the Millennial Generation, the Generation Y, whatever you want to call it, are criticized all the … Continue reading The Millennial Poison

Idiocy: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Where were you when an explosion hit a night market in Davao City last September 2? Based on the recent events that left a lot of Filipinos shaken, that is an important question that you should ask yourselves. After answering that, proceed to this next question: What did you after that? Did you wait for the latest news to be updated with what happened next? … Continue reading Idiocy: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Where Are Our Heroes?

Andres Bonifacio, the Supremo of the Katipunan which started the Philippine revolution to seek independence for the Filipinos from Spain; Gabriela Silang, the first female revolutionary leader of the Philippines who also fought for Independence; Jose Rizal, the writer of two novels that awakened the Filipino’s spirit of nationalism and inspired the rebellion against the tyranny of Spain. These are just some of the well … Continue reading Where Are Our Heroes?

The Double Standards on ‘Immorality’

Do you know a man who admitted to having multiple wives and girlfriends but is deemed a hero of the nation by his illogical, bandwagon-riding, intellect-hating followers? Do you know a woman who is allegedly having affairs with another man based on hearsays and not evidences and is deemed immoral just because a man said so? If you are a Filipino, then you most certainly do. Continue reading “The Double Standards on ‘Immorality’”

The Joke’s On Us

This year, I have been so involved in Philippine politics that there are a lot of things I could talk about when it comes to the people who are in position right now. This election also changed the way I see the Filipino people because now, I am slightly losing hope for the sole reason they elected to put a boxer who is the number 1 absentee in house when he was still a congressman. Continue reading “The Joke’s On Us”

How to Make the Internet Safe for Children? (An Adult’s Guide to Children’s Internet Usage)

The first time the Internet was made available to me, I was already in high school. It definitely made homework and research a lot easier for me, which made me consider it more as a luxurious tool than a necessity. Currently, it’s apparent that the Internet has been made available to a younger sphere, and by younger I mean even two-year-olds have access to it, which … Continue reading How to Make the Internet Safe for Children? (An Adult’s Guide to Children’s Internet Usage)