Journal Highlights: A Question Burned into My Memory

Burn into is an idiom that I never understood until I found this piece of paper stuck between the pages of my 2014 journal. Once I read what I had written in that piece of paper, it reminded me the tone of the person when the question was asked, and the way I had to hold onto my anger back then. Continue reading “Journal Highlights: A Question Burned into My Memory”


Journal Highlights: “Work in Progress”

I was trying to think of fun, personal things to post on this blog so I started looking through my journals from the previous years to see if there were entries worth sharing. That’s when an idea popped up in my head: I’m going to share some highlights from my journal entries to see if I agree with the old me. Today, I’m going to share an entry from July 4, 2015 because while I was skimming through my 2015 journal, something in all caps caught my interest, and It says: Continue reading “Journal Highlights: “Work in Progress””