What is Love at First Sight?

I was sitting at the university when our eyes met eyes. I never believed that the eyes are the window to the soul, but I was immediately drawn to him when it happened. I was just really captivated that in that moment, I wanted to get to know him more.

This is one of the moments in someone’s romantic life that others would consider is a case of “love at first sight.” Personally, it is something that I think is nothing but pure BS. Continue reading “What is Love at First Sight?”

An open letter to my friend who was too late

I knew the moment I met you that we were going to have a special relationship.
You always treated me like a brother, but I wanted to be something else to you.
I made sure that those feelings were going to stay in the shadows
For I don’t want to ruin the bond, although inside, I wanted to stay true. Continue reading “An open letter to my friend who was too late”

The Victorious Way of Moving On

The end of a relationship that you thought was going to last forever, especially with someone you thought was “the one,” is a very difficult thing to handle. The phase of moving on is like being stuck in a really grueling History class, except this time, you actually give in to crying. Yes, I know these things because I have been through a lot of relationships. Continue reading “The Victorious Way of Moving On”

Journal Highlights: “Work in Progress”

I was trying to think of fun, personal things to post on this blog so I started looking through my journals from the previous years to see if there were entries worth sharing. That’s when an idea popped up in my head: I’m going to share some highlights from my journal entries to see if I agree with the old me. Today, I’m going to share an entry from July 4, 2015 because while I was skimming through my 2015 journal, something in all caps caught my interest, and It says: Continue reading “Journal Highlights: “Work in Progress””