Elements of Change: The People, the Media, and the Government

The realization that the Philippines is quickly changing occurred to me when my online reading habits shifted ever since Duterte was elected as President; whether those changes are good or bad, I couldn’t honestly tell.

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The Double Standards on ‘Immorality’

Do you know a man who admitted to having multiple wives and girlfriends but is deemed a hero of the nation by his illogical, bandwagon-riding, intellect-hating followers? Do you know a woman who is allegedly having affairs with another man based on hearsays and not evidences and is deemed immoral just because a man said so? If you are a Filipino, then you most certainly do. Continue reading “The Double Standards on ‘Immorality’”

The Joke’s On Us

This year, I have been so involved in Philippine politics that there are a lot of things I could talk about when it comes to the people who are in position right now. This election also changed the way I see the Filipino people because now, I am slightly losing hope for the sole reason they elected to put a boxer who is the number 1 absentee in house when he was still a congressman. Continue reading “The Joke’s On Us”