Clearing the Clutter

To remove something that is not necessary in your life is a great feeling. As we grow old, there are some things that we decide to keep because we’re afraid that letting go will make us feel terrible. However, once you decide to get rid of those things, the sense of freedom that it would give you is really cleansing, and it reinvigorates your soul. Continue reading “Clearing the Clutter”


The Solace of Suicide and the Essence of Existence

The mind is a very powerful thing. It can create new thoughts and ideas; it’s a storage of all the happiest and saddest memories of your life; it can help us achieve anything we put it into; and it can empower us in a lot of other great things. The mind can serve us greatly, however, if we allow it, the mind can also destroy us. Continue reading “The Solace of Suicide and the Essence of Existence”