The Perks of Singlehood

Being single is a really difficult thing, and to some, it is considered a bad thing because there is this thought that the reason for it is because there may be something wrong with you. Continue reading “The Perks of Singlehood”


What is Love at First Sight?

I was sitting at the university when our eyes met eyes. I never believed that the eyes are the window to the soul, but I was immediately drawn to him when it happened. I was just really captivated that in that moment, I wanted to get to know him more.

This is one of the moments in someone’s romantic life that others would consider is a case of “love at first sight.” Personally, it is something that I think is nothing but pure BS. Continue reading “What is Love at First Sight?”

The Victorious Way of Moving On

The end of a relationship that you thought was going to last forever, especially with someone you thought was “the one,” is a very difficult thing to handle. The phase of moving on is like being stuck in a really grueling History class, except this time, you actually give in to crying. Yes, I know these things because I have been through a lot of relationships. Continue reading “The Victorious Way of Moving On”

Which Gay Dating App is the Best? Grindr vs. Hornet vs. Tinder vs. Blued

The Internet has paved way for a lot of innovations when it comes to communicating with people from anywhere in the world. Along with this development is the rise of dating apps, and as time progresses, dating apps have evolved and catered to people with different sexual preferences. Continue reading “Which Gay Dating App is the Best? Grindr vs. Hornet vs. Tinder vs. Blued”