The Winner of Survivor: Game Changers

Sarah Lacina, 32, of Marion, Iowa was crowned as the Sole Survivor of Survivor‘s 34th season Survivor: Game Changers.

Sarah started her Survivor journey in the Reality TV Show’s 28th season, Cagayan, where she was voted out in one of the most memorable Tribal Councils in Survivor history after playing the swing-vote card, alienating one of the majority’s number, Kass McQuillen.

Survivor: Game Changers Winner Sarah Lacina (Courtesy of CBS)

Coming into Game Changers, Sarah had a pretty under-the-radar pre-merge game which changed when she was placed in NuNuNuku, especially when she defended Zeke after he was outed by Jeff Varner. That moment showed her capabilities of making deep connections with people, although, eventually, she knew she had to cut those ties.

During the merge, Sarah found herself in a great position when she swung from one alliance to the other, being one of the people responsible for the biggest blindsides of the season. One of her most memorable moves was when she voted out Sierra after Sierra told her about the Legacy Advantage which was willed to her after showing Sierra a shocked reaction when the latter was voted out.

With her observant skills, Sarah also managed to get the Vote Steal advantage which caused one of the many iconic Tribal Councils of the season when Cirie tried to use it to steal her vote, only to reveal that the advantage was non-transferable.

At the finale, Sarah survived the final 6 Tribal Council Advantagegeddon with the use of her Legacy Advantage. Her bonds with the other players still remaining in the game definitely saved her from being a pre-FTC casualty when Brad and Troyzan ultimately decided to get rid of Tai, instead of getting rid of the bigger, and obvious target which is Sarah.

Sarah wins the game on 7-3-0 vote, with Brad being the first runner-up, and Troyzan being the second runner-up. Andrea, Aubry, Cirie, Hali, Michaela, Tai, and Zeke voted for Sarah, while Debbie, Ozzy, and Sierra voted for Brad. None of the jury members voted for Troyzan.

The Runners-Up

Survivor: Game Changers First Runner-Up Brad Culpepper (Courtesy of CBS)

Brad’s pre-merge edit showed how heroic he could play, but things took a turn come the merge when Brad found himself on the wrong side of the numbers, eventually showing his villainous side as he got closer to the end. Winning the last three immunity challenges definitely helped his case, but his arrogance wasn’t taken lightly by some of the members of the jury, especially Tai.

Survivor: Game Changers Second Runner-Up Troyzan Robertson (Courtesy of CBS)

Troyzan played a much more under-the-radar game only popping up once every while for a confessional. His only memorable moments were finding that idol, and playing that idol during the Final 6 Tribal Council Advantagegeddon. Troyzan was the obvious choice to bring to the end, as his only argument was he outlasted all the Mana members, and that he found that one idol which saved him when it was most necessary.

Survivor is a U.S. reality TV show produced by CBS and hosted by Jeff Probst.

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Header Image: CBS


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