Survivor: Game Changers FINALE – Fifteenth Boot

The Survivor: Game Changers finale begins with six people still remaining, but it all goes down to three people, and among those three people who will make it to the Final Tribal Council, only one will be crowned as this season’s Sole Survivor.

With the legacy advantage and three idols still left in the game, we are definitely in for an unpredictable finale.

Who will be the first three boots of the episode?

Troyzan has played an under the radar game, giving him the opportunity to hold on to his idol until this episode.

Tai found three idols, two of which are still in his possession after instinctively deciding to not play them on multiple occasions where it seemed like he was in danger.

Aubry has been on the wrong side of the numbers majority of the game, but she managed to get herself in the numbers come the merge, forming bonds with people who would potentially take her further into the game.

Brad has the perfect pre-merge edit, but his gameplay fell flat post-merge. He found himself on the wrong side of the numbers, but his bond with Sarah definitely helped him and is helping him make it deeper into the game.

Sarah is responsible for some of the biggest moves made in this game, getting people to trust her before she betrays them, most notably Sierra, who willed her the Legacy Advantage when she was voted out. An observant player, it’s Sarah’s game to lose at this point.

Cirie was the sole castaway this season to attend her first tribal council at the merge. With luck playing a huge role in her game, she turned things around for herself and aligned with people like Andrea, Michaela, and Sarah to make a good resume. In the previous episode, however, things fell apart when she tried to use a non-transferable advantage that would ultimately break one of her allies’ trust.

With the Advatagegedoon looming right around the corner of Tribal Council, one person will be devastated as there could only be one casualty one of the many crazy Tribal Councils of the season.

With Brad winning immunity, Tai playing his idols for himself and Aubry, Sarah playing the legacy advantage, and Troyzan playing his idol for himself, Cirie had to be eliminated, and she didn’t even receive a vote.

Survivor: Game Changers Contestant Cirie Fields (Courtesy of CBS)

A very seasoned player, Cirie is considered as one of the classic Survivor players who is seen as a legend every time she plays. Known as the “woman who got up of the couch” turned “gangster in an Oprah suit,” Cirie proved to everyone, once again, that she is a worthy Survivor competitor.

Going into the merge, Cirie found herself on the right side of the numbers majority of the times, managing to avoid being targeted by being a non-Physical threat. On multiple occassions, she managed to turn things around for herself, convincing her fellow players to vote her way.

In an unfortunate turn of events, however, Cirie was eliminated by default when five out of the six players left in the game were immune. Cirie is the first woman to get 0 votes in her entire season, only to become a member of the jury.

Aubry, Cirie, and Tai voted for Sarah; Sarah, and Troyzan voted for Tai; while Brad voted for Aubry. All the votes were cancelled by idols and the legacy advantage.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Survivor: Game Changers elimination? Sound in the comments below!

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Header Image: CBS


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