Survivor: Game Changers – Fourteenth Boot

The penultimate of Survivor: Game Changers continues with only seven players remaining in the game, and the stakes just got bigger.

Most fans would at least think that one of the idols would come into play tonight, but that wasn’t the case as the fourteenth person was voted of the game.

Survivor: Game Changers Contestant Michaela Bradshaw (Courtesy of CBS)

Michaela was seen as the explosive player of the season. Her failure to win at challenges showed a lot of her angry side that we really didn’t see in Millennials vs. Gen X.

After the huge blindside that occurred prior to this Tribal Council, the deck has definitely reshuffled and the alliances are once again up in the air. And that leads us to an advantageous play by Sarah where she uses her vote steal, and chooses to steal Tai’s vote.

At first, you would think that the votes would all go to Tai, and that he would finally play an idol, but we were all proven wrong when Jeff started reading the votes.

Michaela becomes the seventh member of the jury in a 4-2-1 vote. Michaela received four votes, two of which were from Sarah, and the other two were from Brad and Troyzan. Tai received two votes from Aubry and Michaela, while Cirie, who may have made a fatal mistake, voted for Aubry.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Survivor: Game Changers elimination? Sound in the comments below!

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Header Image: CBS


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