Survivor: Game Changers – Twelfth Boot

The loved ones coming on Survivor exposes the vulnerability of each player which could either destroy their chances at winning or help them push themselves deeper into the game.

This week on Survivor, some familiar faces return, while there are also new faces that arrived for the loved ones visit. Sarah’s loved one is Wyatt, her husband; Andrea’s loved one is her mom, Linda; Aubry’s loved one is her sister, Carey; Sierra’s loved one is her dad, Dan; Michaela’s loved one is her mom, Candy; Troyzan’s loved one is his brother, Todd; Tai’s loved one is his boyfriend, Mark (unfortunately not the chicken); Brad’s loved one is the neat lady, Monica; and Cirie’s loved one is her son, Jared.

For the first time, the loved ones visit/reward is not going to be played individually, and instead, it will be played in teams which makes it more risky, as now, the chances of someone getting to spend time with their loved ones is not only on their hands, but also on other people’s hands. Andrea, Aubry, and Brad won the reward, and chose Cirie and Sarah to join them along with their loved ones which could either solidify something for them, or alienate the other four people back at camp.

So far, we’ve seen how each episode of Survivor could easily blindside us. At first, it would seem like Andrea was set on being voted out, but another blindside from the edit happened, yet again, as we saw how the obvious targets evaded the snuffer when the twelfth person was voted out.

Survivor: Game Changers Contestant Sierra Dawn Thomas (Courtesy of CBS)

Right off the bat, the episode may have suggested something when Sierra revealed her legacy advantage to Sarah telling her that she would will it to her if she gets eliminated. lo and behold, Sierra was voted out and she still willed her advantage to Sarah. I would want to talk about how Sarah made an impressive move, and making it seem like she didn’t vote for Sierra just to get that legacy advantage, but this is all about Sierra for now.

The Sierra we saw in Game Changers is incomparable to the Sierra we saw in Worlds Apart. This season, she immediately integrated herself with people, and she wasn’t afraid to make moves. One of the highlights of her this season would be getting Tai to play that idol on her cancelling the majority vote in the combined tribal council. This is something that she achieved by solidifying an alliance with Tai and Brad.

Going into the merge, Sierra found herself in what she thought was the majority alliance, and the edit made her look like the arrogant ringleader. This quickly fell apart when Debbie was voted out, and this out Sierra in the bottom. With that, however, she wasn’t afraid to throw anybody under the bus, not even taking into consideration the relationships she has with her alliance members.

Sierra was voted out 6-3, with Andrea, Aubry, Cirie, Michaela, Sarah, and Tai voting for her, while she, along with Brad and Troyzan voted for Andrea.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Survivor: Game Changers elimination? Sound in the comments below!

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Header Image: CBS


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