Survivor: Game Changers – Eighth Boot

The merge has arrived! With a back to back elimination in this two hour episode, we’ll see our game changers take on bigger risks as they try to decide what’s best for their game in the long run, while also taking into consideration who they put in the jury.

After the feast, which Brad and Tai volunteered to sit out from, the players didn’t even take the time to get to know each other more, and instead, they immediately went into strategy talks, and many alliances have been formed.

After the Tribal Council of the first hour, we immediately found out who’s really out there to play as they sent one game changer packing.

The first casualty of this two hour episode is Worlds Apart‘s Hali Ford.

Survivor: Game Changers Contestant Hali Ford (Courtesy of CBS)

Hali Ford started her Survivor career in Worlds Apart where she fully embraced the No-Collar attribute given to her. With a very forgettable gameplay her first time that even she doesn’t want to remember, Hali goes into Game Changers with a positive outlook where she’s not afraid to make big moves. With her impressive stints at Tribal Council, raising a lot of very good points, Hali was seen as a front-runner.

Hali attended the first four tribal councils of the season where she successfully voted with the majority sending people like Ciera, Tony, Caleb, and Malcolm packing. Calling herself the King Cobra of the season, Hali thrived but didn’t stand a chance against the gameplay of the people with her at the merge.

Hali becomes the first member of the jury after being voted out 7-4-2 with Aubry, Brad, Debbie, Ozzy, Sierra, Tai, and Troyzan voting for her; Cirie, Andrea, Sarah, and Zeke voted for Michaela; while she voted for Zeke with Michaela.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Survivor: Game Changers elimination? Sound in the comments below!

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Header Image: CBS

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