Survivor: Game Changers – Fifth Boot

The way a hidden immunity idol changers the narrative for every season of Survivor has shown different types of players in possession of a really big advantage in the game.

Sometimes, they are found out of the blue, and sometimes, they are found just in time by a player who is obviously in the chopping block.

There are those who play it for others to buy good will. There are those who play it to save themselves from potential elimination. And then there are those who are too confident that they get voted out with an idol in their pocket.

He knows from the beginning that he was in the bottom, so JT searched the entire NuNuku camp for an idol, he found one, and he just secured himself a 1 in 15 shots at winning the game. But did he play it? Of course not!

The JT we met from Tocantins is long gone now. He butchered his name in Heroes vs. Viillains, and now, in Game Changers, he got played by the Queen big time!

Survivor: Game Changers Contestant JT Thomas (Courtesy of CBS)

Starting the game at the Nuku tribe, JT has his eyes set for the merge, and his elimination seemed impossible because of his challenge strength, but that all changed when the swap happened where he was placed at NuNuku with five other Mana members.

Being outnumbered 5-1, JT played hard, and even butted heads with the queen multiple times. In the episode before this one, we saw JT huddling with his old Nuku troops to tell them that Sierra is NuNuku’s target before telling them to vote for Sandra. This resulted into Malcolm’s elimination, and of course, after what he did, he takes all the blame for it.

When JT found the idol, you would think that it’s impossible for him to not play it. Sandra and Varner made sure that they say the right words at tribal for him to not play it, and they succeeded.

JT was voted out 3-2, with him and Aubry voting for Michaela, while the rest voted for JT.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Survivor: Game Changers elimination? Sound in the comments below!

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Header Image: CBS

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