The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 15 ‘Something They Need’ Review: Releasing their Inner Bullies

The penultimate episode of every season of The Walking Dead is always like the calm before the storm. Every season, penultimate episodes give us an idea of what to expect in the finale, and as season 7 is coming to a close, ‘Something They Need’ will put our heroes to the test as they continue to seek the help and the resources they need to fight the Saviors.

The all-female Oceanside group which we met in Tara’s standalone episode are featured in the episode. With Tara breaking her promise to Cyndie, will they be able to peacefully negotiate and will this decision haunt Tara for the rest of her life?

Sasha’s fate is also revealed, and what she wants to do after being captured by the Saviors. Will Eugene help her escape? What are Negan’s plans for her?

Gregory is Out for Blood

Maggie, as we’ve seen in the previous episodes, have been doing a lot of things to gain the trust of the Hilltop Colony. Knowing that his position is at risk, Gregory doesn’t want this at all and of course, wants Maggie to go.

It is in this episode that we finally see Gregory break. When Maggie asked him to keep an eye out for walkers as she planted some vegetables, Gregory considered getting rid of Maggie by killing her. He failed to do it because he was attacked by a walker, and was saved by Maggie.

The show has been portraying Gregory as the annoying, cowardly leader who is alright with serving the Saviors because he doesn’t have to do the manual labor. All he does is talk, and be a sort of peace keeper who would throw people under the bus when he feels threatened. After being stabbed by one of his people from the previous season, Gregory should know that he is failing his people as a leader.

We also see Gregory preparing to head to the Sanctuary. Looks like someone’s about to snitch.

Dumb Decisions

Tara’s morals have been put the test ever since the group was tasked by the Garbage Pail Kids to search for guns. The last time we saw Tara, she met with Rick to tell him about the Oceanside group which has a great number of weapons stashed in their hidden HQ.

It’s a little disheartening to see our heroes be some kind of bullies, and the way they confronted the Oceanside group was a little stupid.

First, they decide to use explosives just to corral the Oceanside group at one place. I don’t know if they’re aware, but I’m pretty sure they know that explosions attract walkers from great distances. Not only are they putting the Oceanside group in trouble, they are also putting themselves at risk. A herd just passed Alexandria where Carl lost his eye, so this is irresponsible even for people who are desperately searching for weapons to help them in the war.

Second, confronting the leader of a group at gunpoint is never a smart way to make friends. Tara’s decision to point her gun at Cyndie and Natania is so out of character, and is a little disheartening especially for Tara’s character.

Third, they want to involve a group who suffered the wrath of the Saviors the first time they tried to fight having all the men in their group killed. The leader of the Oceanside, like King Ezekiel, must have been certainly aware that her people are red shirts who will surely die In the war.

Fourth, Rick is totally killing the sense of democracy between groups here. They’re getting rid of the Saviors because they’re bullies who take whatever they want, and kill whoever they want when they don’t get what they want.  Rick, who is forcefully taking the guns of an all-female group who are cornered is definitely a bully move and is not very promising for someone who wants to lead the fight against the Saviors.

Natania’s Verdict

Rick says his peace, they’ll take all the weapons whether they like it or not, and he also wants them to join the fight against the Saviors. Some of them want to join Rick, but Natania said she would rather die than to send her people into a battle they can’t win, and so they get the guns, but not the fighters.

Natania and her group are perfectly hidden, and although there’s risk of being found, they would rather stay put, and not seek for a war themselves. People will die no matter what, and although I think it should be in their own terms, Natania’s decision was an emotional one – they have lost people when they tried to fight, and she’s wise enough to know that not everyone will come out of the war alive. She’s already taking a risk by giving up all their guns, and I believe that’s more than enough to help Rick and his group who started this war getting rejected by all the leaders of the communities they’re trying to convince.

Meanwhile, we have Cyndie who was at first betrayed by Tara, but she still forgives her because she knows that Tara and co. are doing this to free the world from people like the Saviors.

Sasha at the Sanctuary

It seems like Negan has a really soft spot for women. Sasha attacked the sanctuary, and instead of killing her then and there, she was only locked up in a cell like Daryl, except she was given food and a bed. Negan even offered her a position at the Sanctuary as one of his top lieutenants.

Another moment in the episode that proves that Negan has a soft spot for women is when a Savior named David tried to rape Sasha in her cell. Negan shut that down quickly by putting a knife through the Savior’s neck. This is where Sasha was given a choice: a. off herself with the knife; b. let the reanimated David kill her; c. use the knife to kill David.

Although I think that those moments don’t justify Negan’s obnoxiously evil character, Sasha should be smart enough to know that if she joins Negan, she can always betray him at the right time and give his group the vengeance they’ve all been seeking.

Eugene is also present in the episode, and is encouraging Sasha to just give in and join the Saviors, and he explains that after seeing what happened to Abraham and Glenn, he doesn’t want to experience that terror ever again, and so he sides with the people who terrorize others.

Sasha doesn’t budge, and instead asks for something from Eugene to help her to end it. It’s disappointing to see Sasha be suicidal, but you would know that she’s obviously asking for a weapon so she can take out Negan. Instead of giving her a weapon, however, Eugene slipped the suicide pills under the door. The biggest question now: Will Sasha take the pills and – SPOILER ALERT – take Holly’s fate in the comics where she was brought to ASZ as one of the undead?

The War Begins

Negan has found out from a “little bird” that Rick is planning for a war, and is planning head to Alexandria to stope it. Is the group ready for war when Negan does finally show up? We’ll find out in the next episode. Who’s the little bird? I suspect it’s Jadis, the Garbage Pail Kids leader.

What we do find out in this episode is that the crossbow-wielding shadow Rosita encountered in the previous episode was Dwight. He told the group that he’s there to help them, but Rick pulled his gun and ordered him on his knees. SPOILER ALERT! If you’ve read the comics, you know that Dwight is really there to help them.

Episode Rating

Other than Rick and co. bullying the Oceanside group, I really don’t have a problem with the episode. It’s a very dark one if you ask me as everyone is starting to take on different measures just to get this war started, people like Dwight and Eugene are switching sides, Gregory is headed to the Sanctuary to be Judas, and Sasha seems ready to end it just to get rid of Negan. Most of the conflicts in the previous episodes have been human to human, so to see the group fight a small herd of terrifyingly beautiful nautical walkers is also exciting. With that, I will give this episode a 9 out of 10, easily the best episode of the season.

All Out War

The synopsis for The Walking Dead’s season 7 finale reads: “The stakes continue to grow higher as paths cross; the group enacts an intricate plan.” The promo shows Dwight saying he wants Negan dead, Sasha saying no one has to die, Carol and Ezekiel on their way to fight, and a lot of other intense scenes that will surely make the finale save this season like the penultimate episode just did.

You can watch the promo The Walking Dead season 7, episode 16, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” below:

What do you think about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Sound in the comments below!

Header Image: AMC

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