Survivor: Game Changers – Fourth Boot

Every season of Survivor, the players are always presented with a fresh twist that shake up the entirety of their gameplay. From the Mutiny in Cook Islands, to the carnival duels of Redemption Island, to the Super Idol in Kaoh Rong, and the Legacy Advantage in Millennials vs. Gen XSurvivor never fails to provide twists that helps a player become a game changer.

In Game Changers, other than the “we automatically go to rocks in case of a tie” twist, they also used the twist in Cambodia where they hide immunity idols in the challenges, and they brought the Legacy Advantage back from Millennials vs. Gen X. It doesn’t stop there, because in this episode titled “The Tables Have Turned,” Survivor is giving us an unexpected twist that they haven’t done before – only one out of the three tribes will be immune, and the two tribes must vote out one person at Tribal Council.

For one castaway, they would go down as the victim of one of the craziest Tribal Council in Survivor history and that was Malcolm.

Survivor: Game Changers Contestant Malcolm Freberg (Courtesy of CBS)

Malcolm started his Survivor journey in Philippines where he was only a day shy of the Final Tribal Council. He later returned in Caramoan as a Favorite where he officially made himself a game changer by serving one of the biggest moves at Tribal Council where he played an idol for himself and Eddie.

Malcolm started out in Game Changers at the top of his game as his tribe found his physical strength valuable. At the switch, Malcolm was placed in Nuku with Sandra, Varner, Michaela, Aubry, and JT where they have the majority. As they progress in the game, JT and Malcolm formed a bond and created a plan to oust Sandra.

This plan, however, didn’t come in to fruition as they found out that the two tribes that lost the challenge will vote out one person as if they’re a single tribe. If Nuku remained unified, their vote could automatically eliminate one of the players from Mana.

Nuku ended up voting for Sierra unanimously, and because they’re in the majority, they would have been successful, what they weren’t expecting was an idol play from Tai that made Brad’s “stick with the plan” phrase work. Tai played his idol on Sierra cancelling all the votes for her, and Malcolm was sent packing 5-0.

The main reason why Malcolm was voted out is because of his strength, and from a strategic standpoint, Mana did the right thing by voting out the biggest physical asset of Nuku.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Survivor: Game Changers elimination? Sound in the comments below!

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Header Image: CBS



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