The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 14 ‘The Other Side’ Review: Suicide Duo

After how things played out in the season premiere for Sasha and Rosita, both women have been planning to make a move to take out Negan. While Sasha’s anger was more contained, Rosita’s was out of control. This anger gave her a scar on the face, and not only did it cause Olivia’s death, it also had Eugene, the only bullet maker they have in Team Rick, be taken to the Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, the Saviors don’t know that Maggie and Daryl are both at the Hilltop. They think Maggie is dead, thanks to Father Gabriel’s quick thinking – otherwise, she would have been in the Harem with the other women. As for Daryl, they just have no clue where he fled to after he escaped from the Sanctuary.

On this week’s episode, there will be revelations about sexuality, refusal of a rescue, a rogue mission, and running away from the Saviors. You will also feel the intensity of the upcoming war, but sit back, and relax as you read on.

Dethroning the Dingus

A character who’s fun and annoying to watch at the same time, Gregory is the leader of the Hilltop who seems to do whatever the Saviors want, and will do everything just to remain in power. Over the previous, we saw how unfit he is for the position for his despicable and selfish attitude. All Gregory does is talk, and be a sort of peacekeeper who’s not really on the side of the people he’s supposed to be serving.

Looks like things are going to start to change, because in this episode, Maggie is slowly taking over the leadership. She has gained the respect of the people during her stay at the Hilltop, and now, she’s teaching them to fight as they seem to not want the life of serving the Saviors anymore.

Way back in the prison, we saw Maggie’s leadership potential and it has been suggested by Rick that he knows Maggie would know the right things to do. Deanna also saw that potential that she became sort of an adviser to her at Alexandria. It’s a really great touch for the show to drop those hints in previous seasons and see where it’s leading.

As for Gregory, he knows what Maggie is up to, so he tells Simon about the people who might try to take the leadership from him, and that they might have a crazy idea and not be as cooperative as he is with the Saviors. Based on that, Gregory is already showing a sign of weakness, and it’s official that he bows down only to the Saviors. This seemed to have paid off for him as Simon gave him directions to the Sanctuary, so we’ll have to wait for future episodes to see how it’s going to play out for him.

The Saviors Visit the Hilltop

After Dwight decided to throw Dr. Carson under the bus, the Saviors show up at the Hilltop to take the other Dr. Carson. We find out in this episode that the Carson doctors are brothers like in the comics, and it wasn’t just a coincidence to confuse people.

Simon is also great as a character, and I feel like he is the kind of villain that viewers actually want to see in a show like this, so props to the writers and Steven Ogg for that.

During the Saviors’ visit, Maggie and Daryl had to hide because the Saviors do not know about their presence at the Hilltop. With the help of Enid, the Saviors didn’t see them as they managed to hide in a cellar, and that’s when things got emotional.

Daryl is blaming himself for Glenn’s death – I am too, because you know, after seeing what Negan just did to Abraham, he really shouldn’t have attacked him – and he tells Maggie about it as he cried. Maggie assures Daryl that it wasn’t his fault, and that Daryl was one of the good things in this world. They share a hug, and that thought which may have bothered Daryl for a really long time is out of the way.

Looking at how it panned out for Daryl in the previous episodes, you’ll see the guilt, the anger, and the vengeance that he has. This never stopped him from thinking logically, and that’s what I admire about his character the most, because it shows how he has come a long way from the Daryl in the first season. This Daryl knows that there can’t be an “I” in this world, and he constantly does his best to keep the “we” together by protecting them responsibly.

Mission Impossible

“Rosita didn’t come here to train people,” Jesus said to Sasha. “You’re both coming after Negan.”

We all wish that something would change Sasha’s mind from coming after the leader of the Saviors, because we all know how things could end up with anyone who would face the Saviors outnumbered. Yes, it’s true, Sasha and Rosita both know that they may not walk out of this alive, but at least, they will be taking him down. Did they consider, however, that they may not walk out of it without even harming him?

With Rick gathering up all the forces they could to start a war with the Saviors, it’s very reckless for Rosita to just go rogue, and involve Sasha with what she wants to do. She knows that Sasha is up for the task, yes, but I don’t think she knows the consequences of whatever it is that she’s trying to start with only just the two of them against a militia of unremorseful murderers.

Sasha, on the other hand, I feel like the show has taken away her logical thinking. We see how she transformed after dealing with Tyreese’s death, from how reckless she was, to how she was brought back to the intelligent fighter that she is. She has mentioned that it felt like she was doing it alone when Enid asked why she was hellbent on coming after Negan, but now that she knows that Rick and everyone else is willing to fight, why didn’t she contradict Rosita? Or does she just want to die after losing Bob, Tyreese, and Abraham?

While it was fun to see both women have a common goal, and doing some early action to achieve it, it’s a little disappointing to know that this will not end well for one of them or both. While Sasha wanted to shoot Negan from a distance, Rosita wanted to get inside the sanctuary. I don’t know the reason, maybe to make sure that they do get him especially after the gimmick that the writers decided to throw in.

It is worth noting that Eugene refused to run away from the Sanctuary despite Sasha and Rosita telling him to run. What kind of development are we going to see from this?

When they reached the Sanctuary, it was clear that Sasha did want to do it alone, and didn’t want anyone else to die in this rogue, suicidal, impossible mission to take down Negan. They cut through the fence, and after Sasha went through, she bolted it back up to lead the Saviors away from Rosita, and told her to go. We don’t know if Sasha got captured or if she already died, because when she got into the building, all we could do was listen to gunfire.

Rosita, having no choice after Sasha blocked her only way, started running and crying knowing what she may have just caused. It could be the realization that it wasn’t the smartest decision to ask for Sasha’s help after seeing what she’s been through. With Sasha being inside alone, she must have realized that her chances are smaller than when there were two of them ready to take Negan down.

The episode ends with Rosita stopping when she saw a figure with a crossbow. We can all predict that it’s Dwight, of course, and I have a feeling that he’s going to help her. I am speculating that Dwight has been ready to flip after reading Sherry’s not at the old house.

Jesus’ Sexuality

It is not really a big scene, but it’s a very precious moment shared between Maggie and Jesus. Jesus revealed that he’s gay, and it’s really great that The Walking Dead has these strong gay characters present on the show. We already have Tara, Aaron, and Eric, all of whom play an important role in the group. Now we also have Jesus, someone who is very resourceful, is always ready to take action, and is slowly proving his potential as a worthy member of our heroes.

Episode Rating

I have to say that the previous episode, ‘Bury Me Here,’ was difficult to follow, but ‘The Other Side’ managed to do the right things. It was another emotional episode mixed with intensity as we watch two women do something that is impossible, and although at first, it seemed that they couldn’t get along, they both opened up with each other, making them more respectful as characters.

Being able to carry the excitement, the intensity, and the drama from the previous episode, I think it’s fair to give this episode an 8.75 out of 10.

Return to Oceanside

On the next episode of The Walking Dead, “a group of Alexandrians embark on a journey to a distant community; and one group member must make a heartbreaking decision.” It looks like Tara finally dropped the bomb about the Oceanside community. Will Rick be able to negotiate with the group? What heartbreaking decision must be made?

You can watch the promo The Walking Dead season 7, episode 15, “Something They Need” below:

What do you think about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Sound in the comments below!

Header Image: AMC


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