The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 12 ‘Say Yes’ Review: How Convenient?

The second half of The Walking Dead is leading us to the war, and Rick is doing his all to prepare for it. In the previous episodes, we saw Rick try to convince Gregory of the Hilltop, King Ezekiel of the Kingdom, and Jadis of the new dumpsite group who are known as the Garbage Pail Kids by the Internet.

He failed to convince Gregory, but they managed to get some people from the Hilltop to help them. They failed to convince King Ezekiel, partly because Morgan doesn’t think fighting is the answer, but Richard is willing to take extra measures to make sure that they can change the King’s mind. He made a deal with the Garbage Pail Kids where they have to search for guns and “lots of them” so they would fight.

I don’t know if it was worth taking the risk to make a deal with the Garbage Pail Kids, but Rick apparently thinks that making an allegiance with people who “take” but “don’t bother” but this is Rick. In this episode, we’ll see if he’s finally going to start questioning that decision. We’re also going to get some development from Rosita’s anger and where it might lead her (or someone else).

Carnival of Convenience

The major focus of this episode is Rick’s mission to search for guns for the Garbage Pail Kids, and he takes Michonne along with him. Rick’s gun search leads us to a creepy but beautiful carnival at the back of a school (which was unfortunately ruined by a bad CGI deer).

That’s the first thing I’m going to praise in this episode, the beautiful location. It has been a long time since we were introduced to scavenging locations like this one where things are very well thought of without sacrificing the aesthetic to keep our adrenaline running.

While I find it too convenient that the place is crawling with undead soldiers who still have their guns on them, I have to say that it is necessarily places to give our heroes the guns they are searching for to fulfill their deal with the Garbage Pail Kids, and the supplies they need to replenish all of the things they have lost on all of the Savior ordeals that they had to go through.

There were too many scares and unexpected moments in this part of the episode, and I have to say that they are very effective. One of these scares is when they fall through the roof of the school, but their fall was broken by a stash of military food that could probably feed them for a year. Things are getting too convenient if you ask me, but it was delightful to see them hit all these jackpots in one episode.

The other scare they gave us in the episode was when Rick fell off of the Ferris Wheel when he was trying to shoot a bad CGI deer. We all know that he wasn’t going to die, because walkers don’t immediately bite if it’s a main character (they know!). Rick, of course, emerges from the horde just in time to save Michonne from being devoured, because convenience. Despite of all of my convenient opinion with all of these scenes, I am still rooting for our heroes to live, and the adrenaline that it gave me seeing Michonne race to save his lover and that harrowing look she has when she saw the walkers devouring something is enough to melt my heart.

Rick and Michonne also gets more sexy time, but the more important part of this episode is when Rick talked about Glenn.

This is such an emotional scene because we didn’t really see them mourn Glenn’s death – because Rick immediately went to work to serve the Saviors to save his people and Michonne was busy looking for ways to fight the Saviors after Glenn’s death.

The Plot-Filler Group Wants MORE!

To continue with the recurring theme of this review, we’ll talk about the convenience that the Garbage Pail Kids have on their hands when they made a deal with Rick.

We met the Garbage Pail Kids when they decided to take Alexandria’s supplies when they failed to get the supplies from the boat themselves, and these spoiled brats keep demanding as if they even proved themselves worthy to fight alongside our heroes. They may not even know how to shoot, like god forsake their ability to fight when a bunch of them were already surrounding a small number of our heroes but some of them still got beat up.

The audacity of this group to demand more guns after Rick just brought 63 guns in total for their parasitic behinds is really frustrating and annoying, and the more they pull this kind of shit, the more I think that they are going to side with the Saviors when the war finally begins.

As of now, I still see them as a bunch of plot fillers. I think they are unnecessary to the plot, and the only use that the show has for them is redshirt deaths to keep the interesting characters alive longer. I could imagine them being the Saviors’ shield at the beginning of the war, and I could already predict that none of them will survive. I can forgive them, however, for being reasonable and letting Rick keep some of the guns, but I don’t get the logic of the negotiations that they make with these people. Rick asked for 10, Jadis says no, Rick asks for 20, and that he gets to keep the cat they took from Episode 10 and Jadis says yes. WHAT?!


It is no question that Rosita is a badass, but if she can’t control her anger, she’s going to die. But that’s not how it really works, right? She’s not going to die, because someone else will die because of her anger.

Rosita can’t “just wait” so she heads out to the Hilltop to make a pact with Sasha that they are going to kill Negan and she even brings a sniper rifle to convince Sasha even more. It would be amazing to see Rosita and Sasha interact more after all of the things that happened, and the two of them going on a rogue mission is the best opportunity to do just that. The only thing we’ll have to hope for now is their survival, because if Rosita isn’t going to die on this mission, Sasha will.

Meanwhile, Tara is with the dilemma of whether she should tell Rick about the Oceanside or keep her promise to Cyndie to keep the community a secret. She has a really cute moment with Judith where she gave her the bracelet she got from the Oceanside and was having an inner debate on the decision that she has to make. We can all assume that Tara did tell Rick about the group when she had a meeting with him.

Tara is a very good-hearted character, and is arguably one of the well-written characters of the show. Not only is this decision going to take away a part of her, it is also going to affect her perception of thins to a different level especially if the decision is going to affect an entire group.

Episode Rating

The episode had its moments, and it definitely started off great, but everything else just seemed wrong especially that deer. Shout out to that really bad CGI background from Episode 10! They provided so much convenience for the characters, but not for the Specia Effects team. I love this show, and I will always love this show, but this episode is one of the show’s worst, and because of that, I’ll have to give it a 6 out of 10.

Morgan Changes His Mind? So Does The King!

On the next episode of The Walking Dead, “things do not go as planned when a group of Kingdommers delivers goods to the Saviors during a routine supply drop-off.” From what I have heard so far, someone will die which will cause Morgan to go back to his old ways pre-Eastman which will make him reveal to Carol what really happened to her friends, which will make Carol, of course, convince King Ezekiel to help them in the war. Everyone seems pretty pissed on the promo, so it looks like things are going to finally look up in next week’s episode.

You can watch the promo The Walking Dead season 7, episode 13, “Bury Me Here” below:

What do you think about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Sound in the comments below!

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