5 Free iPhone Games You Should Download

When you’ve got yourself a new iPhone, one of the first things you do is explore the apps and games on the App Store that you could download. With the number of apps and games on the App Store, however, searching for the best ones that would really cater to your needs is a little difficult.

The App Store has become a labyrinth, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re definitely going to find yourself searching through articles online for the best apps and games. For this week’s Top List, I will be doing just that by sharing the iPhone GAMES that I truly enjoy playing.

Marvel Contest of Champions

The ultimate showdown between Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains, Marvel Contest of Champions takes you to an extraordinary adventure through the cosmos. The story follows you, the Summoner, brawling against a line-up of villains such as Kang the Conqueror and Thanos in a contest that The Collector created. Other than the main storyline, the free-to-play fighting game also features Even Quests where you can get extra rewards; Arena Battles where you can battle other players; and Alliance Brawls where you work with an alliance you joined to battle others.

Recommended For: Marvel fans who love to collect Marvel Super Heroes and Villains like they’re Pokemon.

Not Recommended For: People who don’t like long gameplays, grinding to level up characters, and violence.

Sky Dancer

Move over Temple Run! Sky Dancer takes the endless running from the temple, the streets, and rooftops to the air above. The description of the game calls Sky Dancing a dangerous game where you run, fall, and jump endlessly from cliff to cliff. Visually, the art style of the game takes you to an extraordinarily minimalist yet beautiful planet. The game also features challenges where you could test your skills as you complete “handcrafted quests.”

Recommended For: People who are pleased by the aesthetics of a 3-d game.

Not Recommended For: People who are sick of auto-running games.

The Sandbox

Craft! Play! Share! The Sandbox is a game where you can unleash your artistic side with the use of pixels. Put your creativity to the test as you make your own worlds that you and other people could explore with the use of different elements. Play God as you create and destroy everything with just one tap of a finger. Be your own hero as you complete the game’s Story Mode to unlock all the elements needed to make the game extra fun!

Recommended For: People who love pixel art and creating their own worlds.

Not Recommended For: People who get bored trying to understand the elements within a game.

The Path to Luma

Save the Chroma civilization and the rest of the galaxy with The Path to Luma as you explore and manipulate the elements to give life to different planets. Go on a heroic adventure as you save planet after planet from extinction. The game has a very unique and immersive gameplay that puts your knowledge to the test as you try to solve mind-bending puzzles with the use of unique resources. It is also very timely as it is all about the harmful impacts of climate change and the things we must do to stop it.

Recommended For:  People who love puzzles.

Not Recommended For: People who do not believe in climate change. OOP!

Tiny Tower

Manage businesses and “bitizens” by building different types of floors in your tiny tower. Probably the oldest game on this list, Tiny Tower is an 8-bit game that lets you take control of everything within your tiny tower. From customizing and naming your “bitizens” to assigning them to different jobs within the business establishment floors you have, you will need management skills to keep your residents happy. The game also features special missions and VIP visitors that will earn you “special perks” to help you build your tiny tower.

Recommended For: People who like to manage things.

Not Recommended For: People who are easily overwhelmed by management things.

That’s it for this list. What other games would you recommend? Sound in the comments below!

Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting Top Lists about a wide variety of topics. Got any suggestions? Click here.

Header Image: CONDONE.NET

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