The Gay Agenda

There are some things that heterosexual people do and nobody would bat an eye, but when it’s homosexual people who do it, some people would suddenly think that there is an underlying motive behind it.

The fact that some people have this kind of mindset is ridiculous, but as much as I want to get offended by it, those people are necessary in the society for the sake of arguments and discussion, but at the same time, it is like dealing with a contagious disease because their perception could easily affect the perception of other people.

This is 2017, and while it is true that things are changing, there are people who still lack the ability to understand that there isn’t always a hidden agenda behind the things that we, gay people, do. Some people will stop at nothing to find something negative in everything that people do, and with our sexuality already being considered a sin, the weight on our shoulders is most certainly heavier.

This is actually more of a guide than a life lesson, and I will do my best to explain the most common misconceptions of the “gay agenda.”

Having Straight Friends

“He totally wants the d. Be careful.”

When you’re a gay man making friends with straight guys, or a gay woman making friends with straight girls, some people assume that you are sexually attracted to them. One thing they do not know about us is that we know our boundaries when it comes to friendship, and as much as you want your straight friends to taste the rainbow, we also have that sense of self-respect that we’re not even going to attempt to have them go through that confusion and doubt, not just about their sexuality, but also about the friendship that we have.

Having Friends of the Opposite Sex

“He’s not gay. He’s just a perv.”

When you’re more on the masc side, and you have a lot of female friends, you get questions like “Are you really gay?” and “Maybe you’re just pretending to be gay so you can openly molest women.” NO! Stop it! I don’t think any straight man would actually pretend to be gay just to touch a woman’s ass without a problem because some men already do that openly.

Having Younger Friends

“Chickenhawk alert!”

The gay community is just so diverse. Most of us are really friendly because it seems to come natural, so age is something that we really don’t consider when it comes to making friends. We don’t get offended by a lot of things, but when people call you “chickenhawk” or “pedophile” for being associated with younger people, that’s just below the belt.

Having Older Friends

“Sugar boy alert!”

As I have just mentioned above, age is something that we really don’t consider when it comes to making friends, but we can never have nice things, can we? Hanging out with an older man, especially if they are economically advantaged, we would sometimes get stares as if we’re doing a really heinous crime.

Working Out

“He’s only there to check out boys.”

Working out at the gym to be healthy comes with a price. Although a lot of people wouldn’t admit it, they assume that gay people who go to the gym only go there to check out boys. Another assumption they have is that they only want to look good to attract more people. We have decency, and we want to be healthy, we just want to be healthy. If we’re minding our own business at the gym, why can’t you?

Fighting for a Good Cause

“He’s only fighting for gay marriage just because it benefits him.”

Duh! Why would you fight for something that doesn’t benefit you? Especially if it would benefit lot of other people. Just because we want gay marriage to be legal in countries where it isn’t legal yet, it doesn’t mean we want to ruin the so-called sanctity of marriage. Just because we want to raise awareness to HIV, it doesn’t mean that we have it. Just because we’re fighting for our rights, doesn’t mean we’re against your religious beliefs. We just want our voices to be heard for something that matters.

Living Life

“I wonder what he’s up to now. Probably up to no good.”

This is clearly just an exaggeration, but I think it’s the perfect way to end an article about all the common misconceptions toward the gay agenda. We get it, to some people, we’re not normal, but if you’re going to look at it from a wider perspective, who is? But just because our lifestyle is not normal to you, it would automatically mean that there are underlying motives behind everything that we do. We’re not a threat to human life, so I don’t see the reason why we should be treated this way.

Some will probably say that this doesn’t happen as often, but if it still happens, those misconceptions still exist. This entry serves as an exclamation; It’s not meant to ridicule anyone who have these assumptions, and definitely not to disrespect other people’s opinion.

Every Wednesday, I’ll be posting essays about life. Got any questions? Click here.

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