The A-Z of 2016

It has been another year filled with highs and lows. Just like every other year, 2016 gave us something different. It took us on a roller coaster ride that made us lose and restore our faith in humanity.

For this week’s Top List, I’m going to be sharing the Best of 2016 using the Alphabet. Among all the things that happened this year, I will be listing down 26 of the biggest news, issues, memes, and trends that left a big impression to the entire world.

Let’s begin The Adrenalist Writer’s A-Z of 2016…


Who wasn’t annoyed with this really big change that Apple made? Yes, the 3.5mm headphone jack is jack is out, and the wireless Apple AirPod headphones are in! Or are they? Well, it doesn’t seem like they’re IN with people as this infuriated a lot of netizens, whom I suppose are Apple users, who must now use an adapter to also charge the wireless headphones.



With 52% of the votes cast in favor of the “British exit” from the European Union in a referendum on the 23rd of June, Brexit may be considered as United Kingdom’s most divisive event that sparked a lot of debates between those who are involved. In the meantime, the United Kingdom remains as a full member of the European Union but by the end of March 2017, the United Kingdom will begin with the formal procedure for withdrawing (Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union).



Whether it’s the Mannequin Challenge, the Be Careful Who You Bully Challenge, or the really stupid Backpack Challenge, people managed to invent a challenge out of almost anything and make it viral in just a blink of an eye. Some do it to be creative, and others join in because, duh, bandwagon, and although it’s stupid, it did give a lot of people something to watch whether it’s to entertain them or to make them cringe. Here’s a list ( from Wikipedia of the notable deaths in 2016.



Sadly, we had to say good bye to a lot of inspiring and influential people this year such as David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Leonard Cohen, and most recently, George Michael. Here’s a list ( from Wikipedia that shows all the notable people we lost in 2016.


Evil Clown Sightings

I wouldn’t necessarily say that they’re evil, but if they’re dressed up in evil clown costumes, I think this is already a given. A craze that quickly spread all around the world, the 2016 evil clown sightings were first reported in Greenville, South Carolina when a little boy from a low-income apartment complex told his mother about the two clowns who were trying to lure him into a house in the woods. This phenomenon would soon cause other events such as costume bans, clown hunting, clown purges, and the addition of the creepy clown emoji. There is no clear reason as to why such phenomenon occurred, but there have been incidents where people have been attacked.


Fake News

Most people nowadays believe almost anything that they read online, and this gave a viral-level rise to fake news sites which publishes fabricated stories that could change the way people see the world. Facebook is one of the companies making a stand against these bogus stories going viral by introducing new tools to stop the spread of these fake news stories.


Great Barrier Reef, RIP?

Outside magazine caused an uproar after publishing an article ( that reports about the death of the Great Barrier Reef due to “climate change and ocean acidification.” The article, which was written by Rowan Jacobsen in the form of an obituary, states that the 25 million years old “Great Barrier Reef of Australia passed away in 2016 after a long illness.” This was however debunked later by other publications saying that the famed reef is not dead, but rather dying. In an article published on The Guardian, Georgia Tech. coral reef expert Kim Cobb says that: “There is a lot we can do to minimize climate change and we need to get going on that. To say reefs are finished and we can’t do anything about it isn’t the message we need going forward.”



Others may know this Western lowland silverback gorilla because as a meme, but the incident should never be overlooked as it caused a huge controversy and debate among biologists, primatologists, and netizens. On the 28th May, Harambe was fatally shot at the Cincinnati Zoo after a child fell into his enclosure. The incident met a lot of criticism online with many blaming the child’s parents and the zoo for the gorilla’s death. Harambe is now immortalized by being 2016’s “meme of the year,” according to Vox.


iPhone 7

“Makes a splash. Takes a splash.” The iPhone 7 reaches new heights with a new home button and splash and water resistant enclosure. The latest model has five finishes: jet black, black, silver, gold, and rose gold, a 12MP camera, and is 25% brighter. The A10 Fusion Chip which Apple claims is “the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone” makes the iPhone 7 faster than its predecessor and it gives it “the longest battery life ever in an iPhone.” What are you waiting for Apple lovers?


JK Rowling’s Screenwriting Debut

Harry Potter fans are given a treat this year when JK Rowling made her Screenwriting debut for the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which is inspired by the book of the same name. It has been five years since fans were indulged with a Harry Potter film so the first installation for this new film series excited a lot of fans and did not disappoint!


Ka-BOOM! goes the Galaxy

What Forbes called “arguably the biggest consumer safety disaster in the history of the smartphones,” there were reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7S overheating, catching fire, and sometimes exploding that surfaced. Samsung made the decision to recall their supposedly super-high-end-crowd-pleaser smartphone after these events.


Leo Wins an Oscar

Yes, the Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Academy Award for his performance as a lead actor in The Revenant. After being nominated three times for the Best Actor category and not winning, looks like 2016 is Leonardo DiCaprio’s year as he finally got what everyone has been waiting for him to get. Good job Leo!


Marvelous Year for Marvel

Captain America: Civil War is the highest grossing film of the year with a $1,153,304,495 worldwide gross; Deadpool places 7th with $783,112,979; Doctor Strange places 10th with $656,065,966. This is definitely one of Marvel’s greatest years in Film history as the film adaptations of their comic books broke numerous records.


Nasty Woman

When Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a nasty woman, the support for Hillary Clinton flooded even more. It’s just too bad that the United States can’t still have their first Female President.


Orlando Nightclub Shooting

A really sad event which could serve as a big reminder to everyone that homophobia still exists. 49 people were killed and 53 others were wounded in what we could call a hate crime/terrorist attack when Omar Mateen opened fire inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. It was considered as the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter and the deadliest act of violence against LGBT people in US history. It brought together a lot of people, and strengthened the will of LGBT people from all over the world to make a stand against hate and intolerance.


Pokémon Go

A free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed as a result of a collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo, we can all say that Pokémon Go is definitely the mobile game of the year as it quickly became a global phenomenon, having been downloaded 500 million times. It did cause accidents, the war of the generation – Team Mystic versus Team Valor, and concerns over its security, “but come on, it’s Pokémon” said every bandwagoner ever who doesn’t even know who Growlithe, Ponyta, or Vulpix is. Just like its rapid rise in users, however, the decline Is also becoming rapid as the year ends.



Many celebrities called it quits this year: Brangelina, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, later Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, and many others. Here’s a list ( that Popsugar made to give you all the juice. Other than that, another “quit” that everybody talked about is when the Fifth Harmony turned into the Fourth Harmony when Camila Cabello decided to depart from the girl band.



From the threats they made to nuking down the US if Donald Trump doesn’t get elected for Presidency to the Russian ambassador to Ankara, Andrei Karlov, in Turkey, Russia definitely made many of the biggest buzzes in 2016. Here’s to wishing that they won’t declare World War III in 2017.


Summer Olympics

The Games of the 31st Olympiad occurred this year from August 5 to 21 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Being held only once every four years, the 2016 Summer Olympics definitely captured the attention of people who are supporting the athletes of their country. Despite the health and safety concerns, the pollution in Guanabara Bay, the doping incident involving Russian athletes, and all the other controversies and scandals that happened before and after the Olympics, this is truly another one for the history books. The United States, once again, topped the medal table and also won their 1,000th Olympic gold medal overall.


Trump Tapes

Everybody wants to see behind-the-scenes tapes from The Apprentice where they claim that Donald Trump is lewd and sexist, but nobody was expecting (well, we kinda were, I guess) the tape from 2005 which featured Donald Trump and Billy Bush having “an extremely lewd conversation about women.” The comments made in the video provoked strong reactions by many notable figures with some describing the actions as sexual assault.


U.S. Election

The Electoral College have spoken, and despite not winning the popular vote, Donald John Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States. Being the outspoken person that he is, sometimes others would even consider him rude, his victory received a lot of negative feedback from people all over the world. Well, we really can’t blame ourselves for that because with the United States being the most influential nation in the world, Donald Trump’s win is surely going to change the way things are in the world.


Vine is Dead

Unlike the Great Barrier Reef, we can’t say that Vine Is dying anymore because it’s already dead. After becoming the Internet’s best tool for making 6-second videos, Vine has kicked the bucket this year when Twitter decided to shut it down due to unknown reasons. This made the Internet go crazy of course as Vine provided some of the best classic memes that we have today. Mike Isaac, a tech reporter for the New York Times theorized that “Instagram ate it,” and that “Vine was dead weight” for its owner Twitter which is “struggling to become profitable.”



The Democratic Party’s e-mails have been hacked and were made public by WikiLeaks, a non-profit organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources. The CIA concluded that Russia was behind these hacks, which provided the “embarrassing” e-mails, to boost Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election.


X Factor

X Factor made the Internet buzz this year when contestants like Honey G and Bratavio made it to the Finals stage of the show despite not having the “vocal ability.” This year’s competition was won by Matt Terry, and the runner-up is Saara Aalto.


YouTube Algorithm Controversy

Were you automatically unsubscribed from one of the YouTube channels that you’re subscribed to? Have you viewed a video that talks about the change in YouTube’s algorithm that has a heavy impact on content creators? Did YouTube recommend a video based on something that you think is not related to your viewing patterns? Well, YouTube is under fire from its content creators right now due to a suspected change in its algorithm.


Zika Virus Outbreak

It was on January 28 when the World Health Organization announced that the Zika virus is “spreading explosively.” As of this year, there is still no way to prevent the virus which is related to dengue fever often causing no or mild symptoms similar to that of the latter. The biggest concern is the fact that the virus can spread from a pregnant woman to her fetus which can result to microcephaly, and other brain defects.

Despite of all the things that happened this year, the important thing is that we got through it. 2017 will be another year filled with different events that could impact the society so we should all get ready for whatever it has in store for all of us.

Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting Top Lists about a wide variety of topics. Got any suggestions? Click here.

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