My Christmas Wish List

A Christmas Wish List is arguably one of the things that could complete Christmas for someone. There is no assurance that you will receive anything from the list you made, and that shouldn’t make you feel bad because the fun comes from the fact that you made one for yourself.

Christmas is all about giving and that is the main reason why some people find it shallow and materialistic when one makes a Christmas Wish List, but don’t let those people take away the spirit of fun that Christmas should have for you, and in my opinion, Wish Lists should be encouraged so as to give people – who want to give you presents – an idea about what you want.

I was trying to come up with Christmas-themed articles for this week over the previous week, and the first thing that came into mind for this week’s Top List was the easiest one. That’s right, for this week’s Top List, I’m going to share my Christmas Wish List!

Christmas is only five days away, and if anybody out there wants to send The Adrenalist Writer a gift, I will make it easier for you with this Wish List.

• GoPro Hero 5

• Nintendo 3DSXL

• LEGO Set

• This bag: 


• This watch:

via The British Watch Company

• This poncho:

via Tumblr

(Yes, that’s Don Benjamin)

• A Complete Running Gear

• Pajama Sets

• Any book worth reading

• A Potted Plant

This is my Wish List, but in all honesty, it’s always the thought that counts in my opinion. The fact that someone would think about giving you a gift is something that you should already be appreciative about. Happy Holidays everybody!

Let me know what’s on your Wish List in the comments below!

Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting Top Lists about a wide variety of topics. Got any suggestions? Click here.

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