Top 10 Memorable Moments from ‘Survivor: Millennials VS Gen X’

It has been difficult for newer Survivor seasons to compete with the older ones based on giving an entirely gripping run, but like Cagayan, the 34th season, which is also known as Millennials VS Gen X, managed to give us a lot of wonderful moments that easily made it one of the best Survivor seasons of all time.

The 34th season of Survivor has concluded with Adam Klein being awarded the title of Sole Survivor after receiving a unanimous vote from the jury. Being a fan of the show, I will be listing down the 10 moments that made this season memorable and – as I have just mentioned above – one of the bests.

10. A New Record Was Set

Yes, and it was set by none other than the “neurotic” queen Hannah Shapiro when she took forever to vote… Worse part is the vote was 7-3, so her vote didn’t actually change anything except probably hurt Mari’s feelings.

9. First Full Cast Evacuation

It was day 2 when Severe Tropical Typhoon Zena hit the Mamanuca Islands, and to make sure that the contestants are safe, they had to be evacuated from the island until it’s safe to come back. They did come back the next day, and the game proceeded.

8. The Legacy Advantage

From the moment it was found on the beach on Day 1 by Jessica to the moment when it was willed to Ken when she was voted out, the Legacy Advantage kept fans thinking of what it actually does. On Day 36, it was revealed that it is equivalent to a Hidden Immunity Idol but is only useful on the Tribal Council of Day 36.

7. A Pre-Merge Idol Play

An idol being successfully played pre-merge is very rare on Survivor, so this one easily made the list. Despite being alienated, and at the bottom, David still played his idol on Jessica on Day 12 just to save her. What makes this interesting is Jessica was already warned that she was the one getting voted out, but she still snitched on Ken after being told about it just to add more drama prior to the event that sealed Lucy’s fate.

6. The Streak of Unsuccessful Idol Plays

Episodes 11, 12, 13, and 14 showed us that it’s not just about having an idol, it’s also about having the instinct on when it should be used. Day 30 Tribal Council featured David playing his idol on Ken, but there were no votes for him. On Day 33, it was Adam who played his (dcik) idol on Hannah, but it turned out that he didn’t have to as they had the numbers when Will decided to flip. On Day 35, Jay played his idol on himself after being pressured by Adam, but as it was revealed, this was only a ploy to flush the surfer’s idol out of the game as he only received 1 vote that Tribal Council. Lastly, the finale episode showed two idols played, one of which was fake (check spot no. 1), and the other one was played by Adam although he didn’t really need it.

5. Unanimous Jury Votes

Earl Cole, J.T. Thomas, John Cochran, Jeremy Collins – they all share on thing in common: a unanimous jury vote. This season adds another person to that list as Adam Klein managed to accomplish the record.

4. Adam Gets Jay’s Respect

During the loved ones visit, Adam decided to not use his Reward Steal advantage despite having no idea what’s happening to his mom back home, and when Jay won the reward, we were given the most emotional, and heartfelt pick-a-castaway-to-take-with-you speech: “Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I love you. But at this moment I truly respect you, and you’re a cool dude.” And that’s when the great bond between Adam and Jay started.

3. Michaela Blindsided

This would be best explained by the following:

Michaela: “WHAAAAAAAT?!” *whips head back ‘til it almost reaches the ground before giving Jay a death stare* “Did you do that?”

Jay: “Yes, I did it.” *really smug face as Michaela’s death stare grows more intense* “Sorry.”

Hannah: “I did not do that.” *baffled by what Is happening and probably afraid that Michaela will punch her*

*Jeff announces that Michaela has been voted out*

Michaela: “Damn Jay. You just f*cked up.” *grabs torch then walks towards Jeff*

Hannah: “What?…. What?” *clearly need Dr. Joe*

Jeff: “Michaela, the tribe has spoken.” *SNUFFED*

Michaela: “Now you gon’ feel like an asshole…” *walks out but realizes she forgot her shoes* “My shoes.” *walks back to her seat to grab shoes, and audience think that she will probably punch Jay in the face, didn’t happen* “Damn Jay. F*cked up something good bro.” *walks out and hits a tree*

Thank you!

2. This season ROCKS!

Another rare occasion was featured on the season when six castaways had to draw rocks on Episode 11 when they couldn’t come up with a consensus. The casualty of this rare event is, unfortunately, Jessica, and her reaction would tell you how much it sucks to be voted out when you decide to choose loyalty over your own safety.

1. Jay’s Fake Idol Play

Poor Jay… and this happened in the Final Episode…

UP NEXT: Which Fake Idol play was the best?

  1. Jamie’s tile (China)
  2. Eliza’s stick (Micronesia)
  3. Randy’s Idol Handcrafted by Bob (Gabon)
  4. Jay’s Idol Handcrafted by David (Millennials VS Gen X)

Send in your votes now!

There you have it! The top 10 moments of Survivor: Millennials VS Gen X.

Survivor will return in March for Game Changers which will feature 20 castaways from different seasons including two (Michaela Bradshaw, and Zeke Smith) from Millennials VS Gen X.

What is your favorite moment from Millennials VS Gen X? Sound in the comments below!

Header Image: CBS

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