‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7A Character Rankings

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead just aired yesterday, and the events that took place showed us a shift on the way the characters see the things that they must do in order to survive. The way we see the kind of power that the characters have changes every season, and after the mid-season finale, it makes you wonder where all of our beloved characters stand.

For this week’s Top List, I will be ranking the IMPORTANT characters from The Walking Dead to give you all an idea as to where they stand. This ranking will be based only on my opinion, but you can always share yours in the comments below.

For my ranking, I will be rating the characters based on the following criteria with 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest score:

  • Strength – based on the physical, mental, and emotional strength of the character.
  • Intelligence – based on the decisions they made.
  • Story – based on the impact of the character on the main story of the show.
  • Survivor Scale – based on their adaptability and strategies to keep going.

We will begin the list with the character who received the lowest score, so without further ado, here is The Adrenalist Writer’s TWD Character Ranking for the first half of season 7:

20. Gregory

Stand: Leader of the Hilltop Colony who can’t seem to walk the talk.

Strength: 1. I don’t even know if the arrogant leader knows how to fight.

Intelligence: 5. He knows how to talk, but that doesn’t mean he’s intelligent.

Story: 4. A leader that doesn’t act like a leader, therefore not giving us a good arc. Thumbs down!

Survivor Scale: 2. If you haven’t gotten the message yet, Gregory sucks!

Total Score: 11.

19. Sherry

Stand: Dwight’s ex-wife who now resides at Negan’s harem to survive.

Strength: 2. She’s not strong enough to fight back.

Intelligence: 6. Always knows the right answers to Negan’s questions, or at least, she knows what Negan wants to hear.

Story: 4. Based on how she was presented in the previous episodes, there’s a possibility that she’s going to become a more important background character.

Survivor Scale: 5. Having the title “Negan’s Wife” is sparing her and Dwight’s life, and that makes her a survivor.

Total Score: 17.

18. Eugene Porter

Stand: Made a bullet out of scratch, and was taken to the Sanctuary because of it.

Strength: 4. Struggling to prove his worth, also struggling to prove his power.

Intelligence: 8. He used his mind to survive, and… he also made a bullet out of scratch.

Story: 5. Had a mediocre arc, and didn’t get enough development.

Survivor Scale: 5. I feel like he hasn’t fully adapted to the way of life in the apocalypse, but he is using his intelligence wisely.

Total Score: 22.

17. Enid

Stand: She’s sort of taken on the role of the Sophia based on her closeness with Maggie. Also, Carl’s girlfriend.

Strength: 4. We haven’t seen her fight, but her mental and emotional capacity have proven that she possesses a little of that attribute.

Intelligence: 5. She says what has to be said, and her interaction with Sasha at the MSF proved that she knows how to read people, and question their decisions if she thinks they’re wrong.

Story: 6. As Maggie’s sort of adoptive daughter, and being Carl’s love interest, she’s starting to become a more prominent background character.

Survivor Scale: 8. Enid has shown how capable she is alone, and with the realization that she needs people, and can’t keep running of anymore, she’s more capable to survive.

Total Score: 23.

16. Morgan Jones

Stand: Trying to balance killing and preserving lives.

Strength: 5. Morgan is lethal, but his pacifist ways is still holding him back from showing his true warrior potential.

Intelligence: 7. In the previous season, his pacifist caused other people’s death. This season, he’s starting to question that philosophy so he’s slowly improving.

Story: 5. He’s at the back seat, and there’s little development, but I don’t know where that puts him in the story.

Survivor Scale: 7. He’s slowly adapting to the idea of killing, and if he come to fully realize that you have to kill to survive, he will be more capable of surviving.

Total Score: 24.

14A. Ezekiel

Stand: Leader of the Kingdom who doesn’t want his people to fight.

Strength: 5. He managed to tame Shiva, and that’s the only basis we have for now.

Intelligence: 8. “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter.”

Story: 5. One episode, not much to work around with yet, but he definitely gave us substance.

Survivor Scale: 7. Serving his people and the Saviors while still managing to replenish the well. That’s a Survivor!

Total Score: 25.

14B. Father Gabriel

Stand: Alexandria’s priest who earned the group’s trust after betraying them.

Strength: 4. Father Gabriel is not really a fighter, he’s more of a pep talker.

Intelligence: 8. Had he not made a fake grave for Maggie, she would be on Negan’s harem now. His quick thinking and his inspiring speeches on the first half of the season shows us that he’s smarter than we think he is.

Story: 7. He’s becoming a more prominent character after earning the group’s trust, and is sort of becoming right hand man in Alexandria.

Survivor Scale: 6. He’s adapting, but there’s more to learn.

Total Score: 25.

13. Aaron

Stand: Alexandria’s recruiter who is becoming a bigger character as the story progresses.

Strength: 7. He gets things done, sometimes he gets into trouble but that doesn’t stop him from proving how strong he is.

Intelligence: 7. He’s making wise decisions to save people in his group.

Story: 5. We didn’t get much from Aaron this season except for his scavenging mission with Rick and that inspiring speech he gave him.

Survivor Scale: 7. “My heart’s still beating.”

Total Score: 26.

10A. Dwight

Stand: One of the Negans, but wants to be a Daryl.

Strength: 5. Wants to be like Daryl, but he can’t be like Daryl. Constantly beating himself up emotionally and mentally for the things he has to do.

Intelligence: 8. His decision to work for Negan made him a high ranking Savior.

Story: 7. We got a focus of Dwight’s inner struggles on the first half, and assuming that my specualtions are right, helping Daryl escape shows a lot of development.

Survivor Scale: 8. He is very adaptive, and if the show is following the comics, this score will be more understandable.

Total Score: 28.

10B. Sasha Williams

Stand: Seeking revenge under the radar so Maggie won’t help her.

Strength: 8. A sharpshooter, and now a knife-wielder, Sasha’s expertise with weapons makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Intelligence: 7. Sasha is on revenge mode, and that could blur her judgment. She gets plus points however, for not wanting to let the pregnant Maggie know about her plans.

Story: 6. She’s at the back of the seat during the first half, but there’s an obvious sign that she’s brewing something up to serve the main story.

Survivor Scale: 7. Anger makes her reckless, and reckless could get her killed. You can give it to her though, because she’s really adaptive despite losing too many people in her life.

Total Score: 28.

10C. Tara Chambler

Stand: Always ready to help. Always ready to save her friends.

Strength: 7. Observing Tara, I noticed that she’s not violent, but the first half of the season did show how she is one of the strongest women of the show as she is ready to take on anything, sand-covered walkers or a fish-fed all-woman group.

Intelligence: 8. Tara made one of the smartest and most emotional decisions on the first half after encountering the Oceanside group.

Story: 6. Tara carried a bottle episode by herself, and her encounter with the Oceanside will make much more sense in the future of this war with the Saviors.

Survivor Scale: 7. Evident to how she tried to take responsibility for the bullet in the MSF, Tara is always ready to sacrifice herself for her friends. She takes risks, and that makes her a great survivor in my opinion.

Total Score: 28.

7A. Daryl Dixon

Stand: Escaped the Sanctuary despite being broken by Negan and Dwight.

Strength: 6. He’s still recovering, so it will probably take time before he will have the full strength package again.

Intelligence: 6. His anger is going to get in the way of his judgment and that could put him and other people in danger.

Story: 8. Come on, this is Daryl. He’s always going to get a good story.

Survivor Scale: 9. “It’s not just about making it anymore.” He’s also a fan favorite, so go figure.

Total Score: 29.

7B. Rick Grimes

Stand: Finally realized that they must fight back.

Strength: 6. Like Daryl, Rick is still recovering, but it won’t take time as the MSF showed us that he regained a lot of the strength he lost.

Intelligence: 8. Rick’s decision to wait for the right moment, and to serve the Saviors to save his people makes him a greater, smarter leader.

Story: 7. It was honestly a little annoying to watch Rick this season. He was weak all throughout, but I feel like he had to experience such things to fully realize how their way of life should not be dictated by a group whose sole purpose is to kill people who won’t follow them.

Survivor Scale: 8. He adapted to Negan’s tyranny saving his life, and his son’s arm.

Total Score: 29.

7C. Rosita Espinosa

Stand: Alone and wants revenge.

Strength: 8. Negan called her a badass, I won’t disagree with the head of the Saviors.

Intelligence: 4. Her decision to shoot Negan in front of the Saviors is dumber than Daryl’s decision in the premiere as this time, she got Olivia killed, and also got Eugene, their bullet maker, taken to the Sanctuary.

Story: 9. Other than Negan and Carl, she stole the spotlight on the first half of this season. All of the decisions she made affected the main story line changing a lot of people’s fates.

Survivor Scale: 8. She’s definitely underestimated because of her pretty face, but she has proven this season how capable she is of surviving.

Total Score: 29.

6. Carol Peletier

Stand: Wants to be left alone.

Strength: 7. She possesses the strength to take down communities, but she’s holding back as it seems like she doesn’t want to kill anymore.

Intelligence: 10. If you’re going to look at it, Carol is making the smartest decisions on the show. Avoiding people to avoid killing and also death.

Story: 5. It’s painful to see Carol in loner mode as her character is becoming more detached with the main story of the show.

Survivor Scale: 1o. She would easily score a 10 here, but she gets minus points for wanting to be alone. She has to remember that you can’t survive without people in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Total Score: 30.

4A. Carl Grimes

Stand: Realized that there’s no I in we.

Strength: 8. The one-eyed wonder has guts, and he doesn’t hold back.

Intelligence: 4. Being young, Carl makes reckless decisions. Those decisions could often lead to death, if not his, other people’s. Sneaking into the Sanctuary is the main reason why Negan visited Alexandria earlier than he’s supposed to so the events in the MSF are kind of caused by the decision he made.

Story: 9. We got a lot from Carl from the first half of this season, add his interesting relationship with Negan and you have one of the annoying angsty teenager’s greatest arc.

Survivor Scale: 10. Other than Rick, Carl is the only one who is capable of outlasting everyone else, and I’ll predict that he’ll be the one to kill Negan.

Total Score: 31.

4B. Paul “Jesus” Rovia

Stand: Maggie and Sasha’s handyman.

Strength: 8. He’s proving time and time again that he is one of the strongest characters on the show.

Intelligence: 9. He’s a great strategist, and he’s not afraid to take on risks. He’s sometimes reckless, yes, but he makes everything look so easy.

Story: 6. He was more visible this season, but I don’t think he’s fully serving his purpose yet.

Survivor Scale: 8. His intelligence plus his strength works hand in hand. He is also very adaptive, and knows how to work well with people to achieve a certain goal.

Total Score: 31.

3. Michonne

Stand: Inspired Rick to fight back after doing things by herself.

Strength: 7. She is one of the people who took the lead on rising up against the Saviors without putting anyone in danger, and she did it alone.

Intelligence: 9. Michonne is also seeking for revenge, but that never blinded her judgment. She did work, but she managed to not be reckless, therefore not getting anybody close to her killed.

Story: 8. Michonne had a really great arc. Being one of the Grimes and at the same time wanting to fight for her friends despite Rick’s initial refusal, it shows how big of a role she’s going to play on their march to war.

Survivor Scale: 8. Michonne always knows what’s up. She has the necessary skills to change the outcome of things for herself (and for the people she cares about) making her a really great survivor.

Total Score: 32.

2. Maggie Greene

Stand: Will soon run for President.

Strength: 9. She’s pregnant, and she just lost her husband, but she still gets a lot of things done. That’s the reason why people of Hilltop love her so much.

Intelligence: 9. She was the first one to say that they need to prepare for war, and she was right. She’s also outsmarting Gregory in a lot of ways.

Story: 7. Despite being in the back seat, you could still see the progress in her story especially how Glenn’s death affected her. It’s also becoming slowly apparent that Maggie’s going to take over the Gregory’s position soon.

Survivor Scale: 8. She’s pregnant, and they won’t kill her. She’s serving people, and they want to make her “president.” She’s adapting to the loss, and that makes her a great survivor.

Total Score: 33.

1. Negan

Stand: Head of Saviors who’s too in love with Lucille.

Strength: 10. Duh!

Intelligence: 10. Duh!

Story: 10. Okay, I’m overusing this reasoning now, but he’s also overused on the show so: Duh!

Survivor Scale: 8. Unless the Saviors realize that they don’t need a leader like Negan, he’ll stay alive.

Total Score: 38.

That’s it for The Walking Dead 7A Character Rankings. The show will return for its mid-season premiere on February 12, 2017.

How would you rank the characters based on the first half of this season? Who is your favorite and why? Sound in the comments below!

Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting Top Lists about a wide variety of topics. Got any suggestions? Click here.

Header Image: AMC

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