The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 7 ‘Sing Me a Song’ Review: Savior Shena-NEGANs

Season 7A of The Walking Dead is almost coming to a close. Over the previous episodes, we were given action, drama, comedy, and crazy, and while most of the episodes weren’t well-received by critics, they all mean something. Telling a story by focusing on different characters is a good technique to build tension, to have viewers see the bigger picture piece by piece, and to make them feel that there is a storm coming at the end.

Like the previous episodes, this week’s penultimate episode of The Walking Dead 7A will focus on only a few characters. Will Carl make it out of The Sanctuary alive? Will Jesus find a way to actually infiltrate the Saviors’ headquarters? How would Negan react when he meets Judith?

One-Eyed Perspective

Carl and Jesus are on their way to the sanctuary when Jesus suggested that they jump out to get a better look. Carl tricks him into jumping off the truck by pretending that he is hesitant about the plan, and waves him goodbye.

Now, others may see this as Carl being reckless, and there wasn’t really any clear reason as to why he didn’t want Jesus there with him. My take on this is that Carl doesn’t want to involve the Hilltop in his reckless mission to storm into the Sanctuary because this would endanger the community where pregnant Maggie Rhee, the seemingly vengeful Sasha, and his girlfriend, Enid, currently reside. He knows better than to put the three women in danger after the incident they’ve just experienced. Making a wise decision after a reckless one, that’s Carl for you.

As for Jesus, it seems he has big plans as we see him later on clinging on top of a truck that Negan and Carl are on, but we’ll have to wait for next week’s episode to see if his plans will come into fruition.

When Carl arrives at the Sanctuary, he managed to kill two of Negan’s men before being overpowered. Negan, being who he is, decided that Carl’s actions were very impressive, and decided to take him on a tour around the headquarters.

This decision is a little questionable, because he just gave Carl an idea how to go around their base. Overconfidence brought down the main group, and this, this might just be the subtle beginning of the incoming doom for Negan.

When they got to Negan’s “harem,” Carl sees Daryl with Dwight bringing food to Negan. He then forced Carl to carry the food around as they continued.

To see the panels from the comics really come to life is the most impressive, and exciting part of the episode. As a fan, I appreciated every single bit of it, and I am thoroughly amazed by how they brought it into our screens. One of the most memorable ones in the episode would probably the graphic ironing of one of the Saviors, Mark, when he was caught with one of the head Savior’s wife.

I think Carl realized how big of a mistake it is for him to storm into the Sanctuary when he started crying after Negan asked him to sing for him, and to remove his bandage so Negan can see his wound. Later on in the episode, Carl will find out that there are worse things that could happen.

This episode was Carl and Negan heavy, but every moment of their interaction was gripping. Negan definitely found his match in the form of a one-eyed angsty teenager.

Mad World (By Mad, I mean Angry)

Rosita has been stealing the spotlight on the first half of the season, and that’s all because of her anger. She was very harsh with Eugene, to a point where she called him a coward and weak. She did apologize later on, but Eugene won’t accept it.

A lot of us may worry about Rosita dying this season because of the focus she’s been getting, but I have a feeling that there is something bigger for her future, and this angry preparation for a war is not going to be put to waste. As or Eugene, I really don’t know what his deal is for not wanting to make the bullets. He probably thinks it’s a reckless decision, but since he’s not even doing anything, why not help his friend, right?

Spencer also got into an argument with Father Gabriel in a car. Spencer confesses to the priest that he hates Rick for everything he did since he arrived into the community, and it seems like he’s planning to overthrow the broken leader. Despite of that, Father Gabriel stands up for Rick, and decided to just walk back to Alexandria after calling Spencer a “tremendous sh*t.”

It’s interesting how there’s a really huge shift in Father Gabriel’s character. We have seen this in the previous season when he gave a short, yet inspiring speech to the Alexandrians during the walker rally. He is becoming a more important character now, and the relationship between him and Rick will say a lot about how big of a role he is going to get now other than being just the priest.

As for Spencer, I get where he is coming from, but the blame game won’t work in a situation like this. He should just join Rosita on her angry vengeance plans instead of complaining all the time.

Meanwhile, Michonne killed some walkers and piled them up on the road in case a Savior decided to drive through. This worked later on as she encountered a female Savior and asks her to take her to Negan, or she’ll kill her. Michonne, if it’s not clear yet, also has a really big plan which I find it a little reckless, but we will just have to see in the mid-season finale where this takes her.

Rick and Aaron also made an appearance in the episode scavenging for the Saviors and find a houseboat in the middle of a walker-filled lake. It’s really interesting to finally see the two share scenes together with just the two of them. With Glenn dead, I think Aaron will step up to the plate and be one of the characters that Rick will fully trust and turn to in times of trouble. Rick, on the other hand, seems like he will not find the strength to stand up anytime soon that it’s starting to get a little annoying.

Daryl’s Mystery Friend

A matchstick, a motorcycle key, and a note that says “GO.” Looks like Daryl made a new friend in the Sanctuary. Is it Sherry? Or is it Dwight? My bet is on Dwight. In the comics, he is the one who is going to work with the Alexandrians to conspire against Negan. Another interesting potential character shift in this already crazy season.

Back to Alexandria

As the episode nears its credits, Negan takes Carl back to Alexandria, and asked Carl give him a tour around the house. In an unfortunate turn of events, they find Judith in her crib. Negan picks the Lil’ Ass-Kicker up, Carl obviously horrified for what he just caused. The episode ends with Carl and Judith who is on Negan’s lap on the front porch.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Negan meets the Lil’ Ass-Kicker. It didn’t happen in the comics, so we really do not know what’s going to become of it, but who knew such an exciting scene could be so ominous? Carl is surely regretting his reckless decision now.

Episode Rating

Filled with very gripping and exciting scenes, the penultimate episode of the first half of the seventh season of The Walking Dead managed to increase the level of excitement that this season has given. The interactions between the characters in this episode were all very fascinating, from Negan making sure that Carl knows his place, to Rick and Aaron’s first run together, then put Spencer and his arguments with Rosita and Father Gabriel in there, and we have one of the best episodes of Season 7A. In addition to that, the way they brought the iconic moments from the comics into life was very impressive. With that, I would give this episode an 8.5 out of 10!

It’s the Mid-season Finale!

On the mid-season finale of the seventh season of The Walking Dead, “Negan’s unwelcome visit to Alexandria continues as other members scavenge for supplies,” and with things quickly spinning out of control, it looks like we’re going to lose some characters.

You can watch the promo for The Walking Dead season 7, episode 8, “Hearts Still Beating” below:

What do you think about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Sound in the comments below!

Header Image: AMC via Screen Crush



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