Caffeinated Affair

Crisp as the leaves of the fine autumn season,
Aromatic as a freshly baked apple pie,
Flavorful as a glazed cinnamon roll.
Free my soul from all the negativity,
Energize my body to get me through the day,
Inspire my mind to find a sense of tranquility,
Neutralize the conflict within my heart.
Acidic as a glass of a fresh lemonade,
Tasty as a picnic in the middle of spring,
Engulf me with your varying undertones,
Drain away all my worries and woes.
Almonds make you nutty as a fruitcake,
Frothed Milk makes you a creamy masterpiece,
Filtered to perfection, you are just so pure.
Amaze me with your exquisiteness,
Instill me with your subtle delectability,
Remind me of my love for you every morning.

Every Friday, I’ll be posting short stories and poetry that will hit you right in the feels. Want to send a contribution? Click here.

Header Image: Thinkstock

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