Rising Above Rejection

Rejection is the biggest reminder that not everybody is perfect. It is an experience that could give us a big wake up call about the things we should change in ourselves to redirect ourselves to something that is even better.

I don’t know how many times I have been rejected, but the number really never mattered to me. Yes, sometimes it’s the worst feeling in the world when you try your hardest and do your best but it still wouldn’t be enough for others, then it’s going to make you realize about the other positive things in life that you could achieve because of it.

It’s obviously not easy for everyone to deal with rejection. I used to beat myself up a lot whenever I fail at something, but the more I get used to it, the less it hurts. I looked at it as life’s way of giving us lessons and, somehow, protection.

Have you met a teacher who just hates your guts so much for no reason at all that they criticize everything you do, and would drill into our skulls that you’ll never make it? Because of that teacher, you would do your best to prove that the teacher is wrong about you. Some may argue that they use this tactic for motivating their students, but no, there are mean-spirited people out there, and that teacher is one of them. That teacher is not teaching you a lesson, instead, you use that experience as a lesson to better yourself.

That’s when the other factor of rejection comes in: You can’t please everyone. While some people will make you feel worthless to help you find your worth, there are some people who will tear you apart just for their entertainment no matter how hard you try. That’s when life gives you protection in the form of rejection. Imagine having to endure someone who would make you feel worthless, and even lose yourself. I know it sounds farfetched, but there are people who hate everything that they simply cannot be pleased by excellence, in fact, some people loathe excellence because they hate it when other people outshine them.

The kinds of people mentioned above are a few of the examples that make rejection more worthwhile, but this entry is not really about them, it is about you, and how you should start looking at rejection from a different perspective.

Opportunities are often metaphorically associated with doors. They say that when one door closes, another one opens – sometimes, when a door closes for us, we wait for it to open again that we forget to look for doors that have opened for us. Rejection could sometimes get us stuck, but if we go back to our senses, not only will it make us look for an open door, it will also make us knock on the ones that haven’t even opened for us.

Rejection is a humbling experience that reminds us that we’re humans, and we make mistakes. In my opinion, it’s not a good idea to work hard to feel that we deserve something because it gives us high self-expectations to the point that we overstate our abilities, which therefore leads us to disappointment when we get rejected. It is okay to feel disappointed, but that could be avoided have we approached the way we reward and punish ourselves differently.

Rejection is a reminder of our ambition and how much we want to achieve that ambition, or simply it’s life’s way of telling us that something isn’t for us. It teaches us a different approach on how we should apply all the lessons we learned from the mistakes we’ve made.

Whatever you believe in, there is a plan laid out for you, and some things don’t work out because there’s something bigger out there destined for you.

Every Wednesday, I’ll be posting essays about life. Got any questions? Click here.

Header image: Original image retrieved from makeitlikeaman.com

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