American Horror Story: Roanoke – 6 Greatest Moments from the Season

The sixth season of American Horror Story ended last week with Lee sacrificing herself to gain Flora’s love once again. Unlike the other seasons which had a sort of happy ending, I really can’t find the angle where Roanoke’s ending did any of the characters on the show good. Flora’s going to grow up looking back at that moment and realize how big of a mistake it was for her to make her mother do that.

It’s moments like that which make AHS one of the most unpredictable shows on TV. This season, Roanoke, served us up with a lot of unforgettable moments which I will be narrowing down to six for this week’s Top List.

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6. Cricket Marlowe

In every season of AHS, there is always this one character that seems to stand out. Fan favorites like Adelaide, Pepper, Queenie, Twisty the Clown, Liz Taylor graced our screens in the previous seasons of AHS. In Roanoke, although appearing in only limited episodes, Cricket Marlowe became a fan favorite. He provided one of the funniest and one of the most terrifying moments on the show: his conversation with the Uber driver about gay-for-pay and his disembowelment, respectively.

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5. The Return of Lana Winters

Who doesn’t like it when characters from other seasons appear on a different season? The finale of Roanoke featured the return of Asylum’s Lana Winters for The Lana Winters Special where she interviewed Lee about her experience at the Roanoke house and the trial that happened after it. She was, however, attacked by Lot Polk during the interview but she, of course, managed to survive.  The great comparison between her and Lee making her return much more suitable and necessary for a season-ender.

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4. There’s Only One Butcher in this Colony!

This list will not be complete without Kathy Bates compelling performance as The Butcher and Agnes Mary Winstead. In “Chapter 7” of Roanoke, Agnes seemed to have lost it and started attacking the production crew, and for a while, it made me think that the Butcher may have been reincarnated and is now pretending to be Agnes, especially when she seemingly managed to summon The Butcher’s mo. This thought lead me to one of the greatest moments on the show when the real Butcher buried her cleaver into the crazy actress’ face.

FX via TV Line

3. Audrey and Lee Escape the Polk Farm

One of the best things about AHS is its sense of women empowerment. Season after season, it features strong women who seem to always take the spotlight. “Chapter 8” featured yet another empowering moment when Lee hatched a plan to deceive Jether and escape. She then saves Audrey who kills Mama Polk after she got some of her teeth ripped out by the hillbilly mother. The final three survivors of Return to Roanoke were Lee, Audrey, and Monet, if that doesn’t convince you about the girl power on this season, then I don’t know what will.

FX via The Inquistr

2. Mott in Roanoke

One thing I noticed from us fans this season is how we all anxiously waited for Evan Peters to appear on the show, and in “Chapter 5” our wishes were finally granted when he portrayed the interesting role of Edward Phillippe Mott. It is revealed that Edward Phillippe Mott had the Roanoke house built to store all of his art collection, and to have a secret homosexual relationship with one of his staff named Guinness. His character is also tied with Freak Show’s Dandy and Gloria Mott. I have to say that Evan Peters is one of the staple actors of AHS, and just to see him return is a really great moment.

FX via Google

1. Return to Roanoke

The ending of “Chapter 5” left a lot of us wondering where the season would be leading after everything seems to be over for our My Roanoke Nightmare heroes, and immediately, we were given answers on “Chapter 6” when they pulled off a really good twist by bringing back the reenactors and the reenacted back for a Big Brother-ish reality show featuring the Roanoke house. Going on the found footage route, Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell managed to keep the terror alive while killing off the characters one by one leaving us on the edge of our seats as we wonder who the sole survivor would be.

There you have it! Six of the greatest moments from the sixth season of American Horror Story. The show is renewed for another season, so we should all look forward to that for more great moments.

What are your favorite moments from AHS: Roanoke? Sound in the comments below!

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