The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 5 ‘Go Getters’ Review: Run The World, Girls!

We are more than halfway through the first half of The Walking Dead season 7, and the previous episode proved how slow but crazy this season has been. Last week, we had the chance to check on our heroes in Alexandria as The Saviors take what is not rightfully theirs. This week, we will be checking on The Hilltop, where Sasha and Maggie decided to stay to somehow recover from their loss served up by Negan in the premiere. Also, we’re getting the chance to see the awesome Jesus and no-balls Gregory.

Gregory Sucks!

We already know that Gregory has no balls, but did we know that he’s also such an asshole? Throughout the episode, Gregory keeps on expressing how he wants Sasha and Maggie out of the Hilltop, and he even threatens to kick Jesus out. He also keeps on talking down on the still recovering Maggie about the deal they had about the Saviors.

It’s not a TV show if there’s no annoying character in the background who will do everything just to irritate the audience. I’m obviously not a big fan of Gregory, but I can understand his fear for what happened. He knows that Rick’s group is probably the strongest group, and to see them be broken by Negan makes him lose hope about getting that freedom from the tyranny of the Saviors.

If you look at it from his perspective, the Alexandrians did make a deal with them, and they didn’t manage to fully fulfill their duties. You can’t fault the Alexandrians at that too because they do not know how big of a threat the Saviors were. As they say in Survivor, overconfidence is a weakness, which means if you’re trying to survive, you can’t be overconfident because it will kill you.

He also tried to give Maggie and Sasha up to the Saviors, but instead, he got his finest scotch confiscated, so LOL on that!

Hilltop on Fire!

Unlike Gregory, there is this other character named Simon (portrayed by Steven Ogg) who is so enjoyable. It’s as if Negan trained all of them to be that way. The way he toyed with Gregory after finding out that they made a deal with the Alexandrians was just so fun to watch that it made me hope that he will have a change of heart and join our heroes. This is another proof that The Walking Dead can also create amazing villains.

The Saviors did set the Hilltop on fire to obviously show them who’s in charge. They also play loud music attracting walkers from all around, which lead to an amazing action scene where Maggie used a tractor to kill walkers, and showed us just how badass Jesus and Sasha really are.

Tough, Tough Women

We got a glimpse of Rick and Michonne in this episode, and the two have a different take on handling the Saviors. Rick wants to keep serving them because he’s afraid to lose more people. Michonne, on the other hand, knows that they have to get ready for war. Rick is arguably being logical, but what’s living without risk, right? I see the power on the good side shifting to the women now. With Michonne, and Rosita preparing for war, and Maggie and Sasha seemingly starting to take over the Hilltop.

Maggie Rhee is now officially one of the toughest women on the show. The baby’s okay, there was just a small portion of the placenta had separated from the uterine wall. Painful, but not life-threatening. In this episode, we see her sort of take over the leader role during their fight with the walkers, so that’s a really good sign of where her character is going. She also punched Gregory in the episode, which speaks a lot about how ballsier she is than the old man.

Meanwhile, Sasha is always there for Maggie. She’s really fighting so they could stay at the Hilltop, and for that, she’s progressively becoming one of the most likable characters of the show.

She also seems ready to take on the Saviors even asking Jesus to find out where their headquarters is. Not exactly a good thing, because if she finds out, there’s a chance that she would attack, and if she attacks on her own, I don’t know how big her chances are of making it out. Her comic counterpart, based on her relationship with Abraham and her motivations to go after the Saviors is Holly. I am hoping that she doesn’t get the same fate. It’s scary, but she’s definitely ready for battle because it seems like she feels that she has nothing to lose anymore.

Enid’s Love

The dynamic between Carl and Enid is definitely something to watch. They’re young people in the apocalypse learning to deal with the world, and what the future has in store for people like them. The connection between them is great, and we see their relationship blossoming. They also shared their first kiss in the episode which is nice to see.

There seemed to have been a dark turn of events for Enid’s arc, and it happened off-screen. This is Carl’s main reason for wanting to kill Negan and his people. I wouldn’t say that it’s great that the show had to do something like that to make things more interesting, but I feel like it could make some things work. It presents a great new start for an Enid and Carl story arc.

The fact that Enid left Alexandria to see Maggie speaks a lot about the relationship they have had. Based on her decision, she looks at Maggie and Glenn as parental figures. It would be amazing to see the greater dynamics between Maggie and Enid because they both seem like really tough women.

Episode Rating

The episode ends with Jesus and Carl bumping into each other at one of the Saviors’ trucks. I feel like this could be one of the amazing build-ups leading to the war, and to see them bond over something in future episodes would give us another potential dynamic duo.

This episode focused on the characters more, and it made me appreciate the growing world and the expanding cast of the show. This was an amazing breather, with a few iconic action sequences giving us a well-balanced episode. Not the best written episode, but they made up for it with the great acting. Based on that, I would give this episode an 8 out of 10.

Tara Time!

On the next episode of The Walking Dead, we will follow Tara and Heath as they “stumble upon a brand new society” which is unlike anything they’ve seen before.

You can watch the promo for the upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead below, plus the sneak peek for the next episode:

What do you think about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Sound in the comments below!

Header Image: AMC

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