The Sound of Silence

I find it wonderful and peculiar
How we both celebrate and loathe
The silence that gives meaning
To the words that never make sense.

It is as deafening as a scream
When it is used as a response
In an argument that goes out of hand,
It empowers whoever uses it first.

It brings people together,
Those who are comfortable enough
To just stay put in the quiet
And communicate without speaking.

It could tear people apart,
For the absence of words
Could mean the absence of feelings,
Which leads to the end of everything.

It helps you rediscover yourself
As it helps you hear your own thoughts,
And it helps you get to know others,
As it teaches you how to listen.

It could drive you insane,
As it’s permanence is dreadful
Exploiting your emptiness,
Releasing all your demons.

It makes darkness unbearable,
As it heightens all the quieter sounds,
Making the bumps and creaks frightening,
Turning whispers into screeches.

It makes you realize what you are,
For the way you define silence
Speaks a lot about your soul.
So riddle me this – What is silence to you?

Every Friday, I’ll be posting short stories and poetry that will hit you right in the feels. Want to send a contribution? Click here.

Header Image: Scott Sievert via Pinterest


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