American Horror Story: Roanoke Finale – The True Sole Survivor

This season of American Horror Story gave us an entirely different feel but still managed to stick to its roots with all of the horror tropes it presented. The homage to the previous seasons were really fun to watch because it sort of gave us an idea on how the seasons are linked. For the season finale, they only didn’t drop a name, or give us a trip down memory lane with a simple imagery because they actually brought back one of the greatest characters of the series, Asylum’s Lana Winters.

Ryan Murphy managed to surprise us once again. Just when we thought everything was over… It wasn’t really over. Lee wasn’t the sole survivor. Who? Keep reading to find out.

The episode begins with Sidney and the cast of My Roanoke Nightmare celebrating the success of the show at a Paleyfest panel. This was prior to Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, so of course, everybody was still alive. Trixie Mattel was there too.

One of the most wonderful tools that AHS use in their story is the way they tie their show with reality and pop culture, and because of that, it continues as a relatable show, and fans love it because of the way it throws out the most random things but still would make a lot of sense.

Prior to the Lana Winters Special, it was revealed that Lee was acquitted, and one of the biggest reasons is the torture she suffered from the Polks. She was given a “not guilty” verdict for the murder of her husband, Mason, but despite of that, her daughter, Flora, doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore.

The return of Lana Winters to the show after four seasons is definitely made the finale of Roanoke iconic. You can give it all to Sarah Paulson for her wonderful portrayal for this wonderful throwback Asylum.

According to Lee, she agreed to do the interview – it’s noteworthy that she turned down Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters for an interview – because she was aware of Lana’s past with the Asylum murderer Bloodyface, and thinks that Lana would treat her with sympathy because of it.

As they proceeded with the interview, Lee plead her case to Flora, and that’s when Lana revealed that Flora was reported missing by her grandparents. This made Lee panic, and that’s when the remaining Polk, Lot, bursts in with an assault rifle. Lana was knocked out when she tried to calm the hillbilly down, but before he could shoot Lee, the police managed to gun him down.

I must say that Lot Polk’s return was one of the best twists of the finale. It made a lot of us fans gasp as he burst into that interview, and I bet that it made us fear for Lana Winters life, because do you remember what they did to Queenie when she guest-starred on Hotel? Not good. The Lana Winters Special was cut short, but I still think it’s one of the best parts of the show because we got to see the great Lana Winters return.

Leslie Jordan is also back for the Roanoke finale as Ashley Gilbert, the actor who played Cricket Marlowe on My Roanoke Nightmare. Still a little bitter for not being invited back to the show, he joined the crew of Spirit Chasers – it’s noteworthy that they mentioned visiting Briarcliff as well.

Spirit Chasers is a TV show that feature paranormal investigators, and they decided to visit the Roanoke house because it featured the “deadliest paranormal phenomenon in America.”

Later on, the crazy things start to happen. Lee, who is in desperate search for Flora shows up; the spirits start killing; the production crew of Spirit Chasers were picked off one by one along with the cops. Once again, Lee managed to survive this bloodbath.

Flora, when she was finally found by her mother, revealed that she wants to stay with the colonists so she can protect Priscilla. Lee, who seemed to have realized that there’s no more life after this for her, volunteers to take her place. They come into an agreement, and Lee sacrificed herself, taking Priscilla’s hand. The house was burned to the ground, and inside, Lee had Priscilla shoot her.

Since Flora was involved in My Roanoke Nightmare, I think we can all say that she is the true sole survivor of this delightfully hellish season.

Just like in every other season finale, this season of AHS managed to give us a gut-wrenching, and emotional one. It was a very strong end to a consistently outstanding season with all the twists, throwbacks, and horror elements. With that, I would like to give this episode a perfect 10 like most of the other episodes of the season. Kudos to Ryan Murphy for this brilliant AHS masterpiece.

What do you think of the finale episode American Horror Story: Roanoke? Sound in the comments below!

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