The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 4 ‘Service’ Review: Rosita is the New Rick

The darkness of the seventh season of The Walking Dead is not leaving the horizon as Negan continues to be at the top of all four communities. The Saviors all bow down to him because he seems to provide an organized system for everyone involved in the Sanctuary. The Hilltop people are afraid of him because their leader, Gregory, has no balls. The Kingdom, as revealed by Ezekiel, secretly serves him because he doesn’t want his people to fight. Now, it’s the Alexandrians’ turn, and what’s their purpose for serving him? We’ll find out in this episode.

Little Pig, Little Pig, LET ME IN!

I could argue that Negan is only doing whatever he can for him and his people to survive, but based on what I have seen from him in this episode, I guess it’s alright to say that he is pure evil, and is basically doing things to mess up other survivors’ already messed up lives.

While we can all go on discussing about his evil mentality, Negan as character could either be too predictable, because we already expect how evil he is, or too unpredictable, because of how expendable his character could be based on the way he interacts with Rick.

One of his highlights this episode is his threat to kill Olivia. He revealed that he doesn’t enjoy killing women, which from anybody’s point of view, it is definitely not that fun to see a big guy smashing someone’s head with a barbed-wire wrapped bat. Others may not get why he’s fussing too much about the two guns, but from his perspective, if I’m going to look at it, he may have broken their leader Rick. But he didn’t break the rest of them. Two guns could still kill some of his people, which could also kill him. It may not have shown in this episode, but Negan has his own worries – and fears – despite of his cocky façade.

His one-liners continue to be the best since he was introduced. I almost laughed out loud when he said to Rick, “I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it.” That’s so Negan. His flirty interactions with Rick are also awesome.

Negan also talks about Maggie, but I would give the Maggie moment to Father Gabriel because he managed to prepare a fake grave for her to keep her off Negan’s scent. Apparently, Negan has a thing for widows, so if Father Gabriel didn’t think ahead, we would see Maggie being forced into a marriage with Negan. Batman’s parents? I don’t see that working for both of them.

The Future Dynamic Duo, Dwight and Daryl

After watching the previous episode, I am starting to really have sympathy for Dwight, but as soon as he got to Alexandria, all of that sympathy turned into hate. Not only did he ask Rosita (and Spencer) to retrieve Daryl’s missing bike from where Denise died, he also takes her hat and pours the water out of her canteen. What an ass, right? He did return it at the end as a little thank you for the motorcycle, but still, he’s an ass. This proves how well-written his character is, and how the future is bright for him. He’s either going to die so Daryl can take his place, or he’s going to survive and be the Dwight we see in the comics.

As for Daryl, who is basically now considered as the help, the episode shows how broken he is, but I don’t buy it for one bit. He could be acting, for all we know, which is what I am hoping for. He still refuses to speak up and say that he’s Negan, so we don’t know what will become of him yet. The future for Daryl is a little grim at this point, but with Dwight and Sherry on the Sanctuary’s horizons, I have a little glint of hope for our crossbow-wielding antihero.

Keeping Up with The Grimes

Technically, Michonne is not yet a Grimes, but I would still talk about her in this part of the review. We see her practicing with a rifle in the episode, and based on that, I think she is gearing up for war. Michonne’s good with her sword, but that in a war where people will come in guns blazing, you have to learn how to handle one yourself. Her decision to target practice away from Alexandria is one of the most rational decisions made in this episode.

Carl continues to be dumb, and that’s probably him being just a stubborn teenager. He’s threatening the Saviors, and Negan, but this made Negan like him. Carl backs down, however, when Negan asked if he wants him to prove how serious he is again. This outburst, however, also caused all their guns being taken, as well as the Olivia fiasco. Carl has to remember that t’s never a good thing to threaten someone who just put your dad through shit.

As for Rick, this is undoubtedly one of his worst days on the series. The embarrassment and fear is clearly visible on his face, and with everyone seeing this, I think they’re losing their hope on him. After what he has been through, I think this is understandable, but sooner or later, he’s going to have to learn when to fight back.

We didn’t get much of Judith in this episode, and I’m a little relieved but at the same time disappointed because I was looking forward to Negan meeting Little Ass Kicker.

Sidenote: Rick talks to Michonne about Shane, and that he knows that Judith isn’t his but still loves her.

Rosita Takes the Crown

Every episode of TWD, there is that one character who is going to step up to take the crown and steal the episode, and for “Service,” it’s Rosita who managed to do that. Spencer did a little, made me root for him a little, but Rosita definitely outdone everyone.

Rosita’s character development was sort of put on hold when more characters were introduced. We got a little bit of her from season 6 because of her break-up with Abraham, but who knew how impactful the death of his ex-lover could be? His closeness with Glenn may have also inspired her, now as one of the prominent figures of the group, to really do something without harming anybody else in the group. She is working under the radar, and she could be one of the people igniting the flames of All Out War, so she’s definitely someone to watch out for.

During their run, Rosita took a gun with an empty magazine, but she has a friend who can make bullets by the name of Eugene, so that is smart of her to still take it and think ahead knowing that the Saviors will take all their guns.

When Dwight asks her if she finds anything else during their motorcycle run, she says just his dead friends. Could have burned him a little, but I bet he doesn’t really care about those people. This interaction shows how angry she is. “A lot of suspense her, she didn’t even knew how much,” Negan said during their stare-down at the beginning of the episode. Well, her stare down with Negan explains it all.

Episode Rating

While this episode was way better than last week’s episode, there were a lot of sequences that felt a little unnecessary. This proves how they are stretching out the first half of the season because they don’t want to immediately jump to “All Out War,” and it’s making the season feel a little draggy.

The second episode of the season “The Well” introduced The Kingdom with a lot of very subtle scenes but still managed to work, so I don’t know what is making the two episodes that followed it feel a little draggy.

The best thing about this episode is probably, once again, character development. Rosita and Spencer are getting more screen time, and our background characters are starting to serve their purpose, such as Olivia and Eric, and some guy who commented about the guns.

I would give this episode a 7.5 out of 10. Not perfect, but still had its highlights.

Back to The Hilltop

On the next episode of The Walking Dead, Maggie and Sasha returns to show us what’s life is like on The Hilltop. Jesus is also back as well as no-balls Gregory.

You can watch the promo The Walking Dead season 7, episode 5, “Go Getters” below:

What are your thoughts on this week’s The Walking Dead? Sound in the comments below!

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