I basked into the warmth of my bed,
Only to be transported
To the landscape of improbabilities.

I am in world where
The sun and the moon meet,
But there is no eclipse.

Raindrops create springs,
Fires create trees,
Winds create wings.

The heavens carry the earth,
The earth carries the oceans,
The oceans carry the stars.

Nostalgia is a time machine,
Drawing power from its desire,
And sentiment from its sorrow.

Imagination becomes hallucination,
Hallucination becomes a fantasy,
Fantasy becomes a reality.

I shot my eyes open,
And everything was snuffed,
That is one way to escape.

Every Friday, I’ll be posting short stories and poetry that will hit you right in the feels. Want to send a contribution? Click here.

Header Image: Jay Mackay via CGSociety


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