American Horror Story: Roanoke ‘Chapter 9’ – The Sole Survivor

Previously on American Horror Story: Roanoke, Shelby decided to slit her throat, Monet escaped but was immediately captured, Lee killed Jether before saving Audrey who killed Mama Polk before locking Dominic out to be murdered by the Piggy Man, and we witnessed the return of Wes Bentley a.k.a. Dylan a.k.a. the actor who played Ambrose White in My Roanoke Nightmare.

This week on American Horror Story, Donald Trump won the election! Also, Taissa Farmiga returns in the episode along with Glee’s Jacob Artist as fanatics of the My Roanoke Nightmare who are searching for the Roanoke house. Will she make it out alive? Will Gillian be able to help Lee and Audrey? What will happen to Monet? Who will die?

The episode begins with Sophie (Taissa Farmiga), Todd (Jacob Artist), and Milo, three fanatics who dedicated a blog to My Roanoke Nightmare are in search of the Roanoke house, but instead they find Diana’s ghost and her remains. They tell the police, but following the trope of cops on film and TV, when they arrived at the scene, Diana’s remains were gone.

It’s really nice to see Taissa Farmiga back on screen for AHS, it’s just too bad that it’s not with Evan Peters though, because in both seasons where Taissa appeared, Evan was her love interest. Still, to have her back on screen even though it’s only for one episode is still a huge treat for the fans. Having Jacob Artist also finally take off his dancing shoes, and his Glee club uniform is another treat for Ryan Murphy fans.

Back at the house, Audrey informs Dylan of the events that occurred during their stay in hell. They plan to get out of there, of course, but first, they have to recover Monet, and of course, Lee had to destroy the tapes. As they arrived at the Polks, there was immediately action when Audrey saved Monet from Old Man Polk, and Dylan was murdered by Lot Polk. The three women successfully escaped the Polk Farm only to be separated in the woods. Things happened so quickly, Audrey and Monet fled back to the house, and assumed that Lee is dead. When they found out about Lee’s confession, I was already pretty sure that Lee would be the sole survivor because it seems like this is not the season where somebody gets a happy ending.

Being the penultimate episode of the season, you would expect sequences like this. AHS continues to have a really great production value, and that was proved with this sequence alone.

Lee, as everyone already knows, is not going to die. She was saved by Scathach before she murdered Todd. Afterwards, Sophie and Milo were cornered by Dylan’s ghost at Sidney’s production trailer where they discover the monitors giving away what is currently happening in the house.

As Sophie and Milo talk about doing something to stop her, we find out that Lee was possessed by the Butcher when she tells Monet and Audrey that they don’t belong in the land sounding like the Butcher as she holds a butcher. This results into Monet being pushed off the stairs by Lee when Monet calls her out, and Audrey being hacked before being locked into the storm cellar.

As the episode comes to an end, we were given a clip from Todd’s iCloud showing Sophie and Milo’s deaths where they appeared to have been impaled by stakes and burned alive. The next morning, the police arrive at the house to discover the horrific scene and Lee who pleaded to be taken away from the “hellhole.” Audrey then crawls out of the storm cellar, and as Lee approached her having no memory of how she was possessed the night before, Audrey tries to shoot her, but fails as she was gunned down by the cops before she could.

The sole survivor of Return to Roanoke is LEE HARRIS!

For a moment, as Audrey crawled out of the storm cellar, I really thought that she would be the sole survivor as Sarah Paulson’s characters seem to have the tendency to stay alive in any given season (Sally in Hotel is not considered because she was already a ghost when that season started).

Lee being possessed raises a lot of questions. What if the Butcher has been possessing Agnes the entire time leading her to do such things? What if My Roanoke Nightmare and Return to Roanoke is the Butcher’s intricate plot into leading people into her land during the blood moon?

Too many questions, but we won’t get the answers until next week’s season finale where the Asylum queen, Lana Winters, returns to interview the sole survivor of all the events that occurred in Roanoke. We all assumed that Billie Dean Howard would return for this extraordinary season, but we were wrong. It seems like her experience during Hotel’s Devil’s Night may have taught her a lesson to stay away from the supernatural.

As a penultimate episode, I think this episode managed give us great wrap up for the hellish Return to Roanoke phase of the season. The intensity, adrenaline, and the momentum that it managed to give us in the previous episodes of the season remained, and because of that, I would give this a 10 out of 10.

American Horror Story: Roanoke returns next week for its finale a.k.a. “Chapter 10” a.k.a. The Lana Winters Special, and the equally reviled and celebrated Lee Harris, one of the most provocative and polarizing figures of our time agreed to sit down for a live interview with Lana Winters.

You can watch the promo for the final episode below:

What do you think of this week’s American Horror Story? Sound in the comments below!

Header Image: FX

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