Top 10 Favorite Songs from this Decade

The music that we listen to constantly changes. The 2000s kick-started the changes of the conventional production of music, and this decade is using that momentum giving us songs pretty much about anything. For example, songs about sex, butts, and money were way subtler back then, but this decade, it would not be a big hit if it’s not explicit.

I have mentioned it multiple times: I’m not going to let you insult my taste in music if the songs you listen to are about sex, butts, and money. I appreciate artists who continue to write music that send deep messages, so for this week’s Top List, I’m going to honor them by sharing my top 10 favorite songs from this decade – so far.

Without further ado…

“Born This Way” – Lady Gaga (2011)

My absolute favorite Lady Gaga song, “Born This Way” is the lead single of the Mother Monster’s album of the same name. This song is an anthem, and it doesn’t need an explanation as to why it made it on my list.

“Emperor’s New Clothes” – Panic! at the Disco (2015)

Death of a Bachelor is one of Panic!’s best album yet, and for me, “Emperor’s New Clothes” stands out among all of the other tracks for its powerful message. We already know that Brendon Urie is a powerful vocalist, and has an extraordinarily wide vocal range. He is the only remaining original member of Panic! and I feel like this song could be about his epic comeback after the hardships he went through with his band, and that he is the one who is truly in charge.

“Can’t Stop” – OneRepublic (2013)

Despite never being released as a single, I consider can’t stop one of the best track on OneRepublic’s album Native. “Can’t Stop” perfectly showcased Ryan Tedder’s falsetto proving to all the critics that he doesn’t lack emotion. The song was written by Ryan Tedder, Jeff Bhasker, and Tyler Sam Johnson and is about the inability of a person to stop thinking about someone after a breakup.

“The One That Got Away” – Katy Perry (2010)

I feel like “The One That Got Away” is Katy Perry’s most sincere track on her 2010 album Teenage Dream. A pop ballad about lost love, it features several references, so in terms of writing, I can say that it is also one of her most creative. Also, her powerful vocals made the song more dramatic and appealing.

“Plant Life” – Owl City (2011)

The closing track of Owl City’s second album All Things Bright and Beautiful, “Plant Life” is a song about nature and escape. Written in collaboration with Relient K’s Matt Thiessen, it perfectly captures Adam Young’s fearless approach on songwriting, and the addition of piano chords made this waltz-type song more exquisite.

 “Talk Me Down” – Troye Sivan (2015)

The lyrics of the song is one of its strongest element as it is simply about wanting to sleep NEXT to someone. It is a real power ballad that showcased Troye Sivan’s voice at its purest. “Talk Me Down” as a song alone is already great, but when the melancholic music video was released, I feel like it sent an outright message about homophobia and its effects.

“Blown Away” – Carrie Underwood (2012)

Arguably Carrie Underwood’s best song of this decade, “Blown Away” served as the second single of Carrie Underwood’s album of the same name. The song is about a daughter locking herself in a storm cellar while her alcoholic father is passed out on the couch in the path of a tornado. With her powerful vocals, “Blown Away” managed to give us a unique country song that is very atmospheric, dark, and spellbinding.

“Adventure of a Lifetime” – Coldplay (2015)

“Adventure of a Lifetime” is the lead single of Coldplay’s 2015 album A Head Full of Dreams. One of the more energetic songs of the British band, the song has this groovy factor to it that it makes you want to dance along every time you listen to it. Chris Martin’s vocals were undoubtedly great, and the lyrics of the song sends a feel-good vibe making it one of the best songs by Coldplay.

 “Ho Hey” – The Lumineers (2012)

The lead single of The Lumineers’ debut self-titled album, “Ho Hey” is a really genuine folk-pop fusion of a song that features interesting sounds and repetitive melodies, along with “ho” and “hey” as punctuation encouraging you to sing along every time you hear it. The song, written by band members Wesley Schultz and Jeremy Fraites as a kiss-off to disinterested concert-goers, and Schultz said that they punctuated it with shouts to get people’s attention.

“Take Me to Church” – Hozier (2013)

The thing I love about “Take Me to Church” is it is a song about the Church, but it isn’t too preachy, instead, it is about Hozier’s frustration with the Catholic Church. Hozier’s songwriting technique is very impressive as he managed to masterfully make the entire song a metaphor by comparing his lover to religion. Additionally, his very remarkable singing voice makes this song a masterpiece.

That’s it for this week’s Top List. What are your favorite songs from this decade? Sound in the comments below!

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Header Image: Retrieved from IDR Solutions.

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