Into the Woods

I took the path unsure where my feet will take me,
I found myself being drawn by this beautiful tree,
It gave me a sense of freedom, my senses reinvigorated,
Nature embraced my soul, and I was truly delighted.

I realized that I was now surrounded by nature,
Its exquisiteness felt like it was doing me a favor.
My walk turned into a waltz with nature taking the lead,
As the wind gave rhythmic motions to the reed.

The sight of the forest is just so breathtaking,
The streaming sunlight filter the dust of leaves decaying,
Creatures unimaginable blend in with the beauty,
Guarding their habitat as it was their line of duty.

The sounds of the forest are heightened yet gentle,
That it made the song of the cicada transcendental,
And the breeze of the wind through the trees therapeutic,
My footsteps and heartbeat joining in to make music.

The smell of the earth has its own superpowers,
It infused me with life by the fragrance of wild flowers,
With the taste of the dew that drops from one leaf to another,
And the fruits I thought I can only find during the summer.

The cool that it gives me makes me feel comfortable,
Making the sense of closeness it offers incomparable.
The warmth that it gives me makes me feel like I am home,
And its wonders, without a doubt, I will continue to roam.

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