Clearing the Clutter

To remove something that is not necessary in your life is a great feeling. As we grow old, there are some things that we decide to keep because we’re afraid that letting go will make us feel terrible. However, once you decide to get rid of those things, the sense of freedom that it would give you is really cleansing, and it reinvigorates your soul.

For this entry, I’m going to talk about finding that right mindset to get rid of the clutter in life that gets in the way of finding inner peace, and seeing what’s truly important. This could apply to the things which you keep in your drawers, the memories you keep in your mind, and the people of the past that seem to hold you back from finding your true potential.

Clearing the Material Clutter

There are times when we hoard unnecessary things to a point that it becomes an obsession. While compulsive hoarding is a serious mental health disorder, even the simplest of hoarding could affect the way you live your life.

People become emotionally attached to material things as a way of satisfying themselves. They associate these material things to their self-worth and confidence that sometimes, It comes to a point where they go on the verge of anxiety just thinking about losing the thing they are emotionally attached to. That is understandable, but it has been said many times that we should not let material things control our lives.

Personally, I have an emotional attachment to things, like the letters and the presents that my exes have given me, and toys from my childhood. The thing though is I only keep them in a box, and I don’t really find a necessary use for any of them. It was a really difficult decision to have to throw away some of those things, but when I did, it actually felt good. It has become a habit of mine to actually clear out the material clutter at least once every month, and it taught me how to learn the difference between collecting and hoarding.

It’s not complicated when you really put yourself into it. Just pick out the things that you don’t need, and throw/give them away. It would make you feel good about yourself.

Clearing the Memory Clutter

Our memories could be triggered every time we experience something like that memory. It’s a good thing to have these memories because sometimes, they give us a new perspective on how we should handle the lemons that life throws at us, but there are some experiences from the past that could cause depression and anxiety in the present just because we can’t manage to keep ourselves together.

We let these negative memories consume us sometimes, and there are even times when we force them into our minds. It is impossible to clear your memory of that. I understand that we all have our own way of dealing with things, so I’m only here to suggest something that could help you sort of clear your head from all that negativity.

Calming yourself down is one way to do it. It’s a little cliché, but you actually have power over your mind. It’s easier to think differently of things if you believe in yourself enough, you can start controlling the flow of these memories, and sometimes, you can even change the way you perceive them.

If the memories overcome you, talk it out. If the memories knock you down, walk it off, literally. If they start overflowing, start distracting yourself by remembering the things that you have achieved, and what you’re mostly thankful for.

Clearing the People Clutter

People have become more of a clutter than material things to a point that they really hold you back from being who you are and what you could be.

Sometimes, we’re afraid of letting people go just because we feel bad about leaving them behind. I’m not the first one who is ever going to say this, but it is okay. This is necessary to really find yourself, and while there are people who will come with you on that adventure, there are people who won’t.

It’s important to keep reminding yourself that if people can’t support and respect your decisions, you don’t have to put up with it. It’s not really worth stressing to please someone who can’t give you the same support and respect.

This is probably the easiest thing to do in my opinion: close the door, lock it, and don’t ever look back. Just keep looking forward, because you will meet people along the way who are ready to support you.

Clearing the clutter makes you smarter when you’re dealing with things, and once you have achieved it, you’ll find true happiness.

Every Wednesday, I’ll be posting essays about life. Got any questions? Click here.

Header Image: Original Image from InfoSearchers

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