Three Haunted Places You Should Visit in the Philippines

Philippines has its fair share of stories when it comes to the supernatural. It’s still Halloween in some parts of the world, and since the Day of the Dead is still ongoing, I figured that sharing something that could contribute to the spooky holiday is necessary.

For this week’s Top List, I am going to write about three haunted places in the Philippines that you should visit – that is, of course, if you have a brave soul.

Corregidor Hospital Ruins

Christian Lucas Sangoyo via LakadPilipinas

Located at Corregidor Island, the hospital served as a refuge to American Soldiers during World War II where many perished because of the bombings that took place on the island. The entire island itself witnessed the violence and deaths caused by the war, so it is undoubtedly haunted by the spirits of those who died there.

I first learned about the island from an old issue of National Geographic Magazine. If you would look it up on the Internet today, just looking at the pictures will give you an eerie feeling.

Malinta Tunnel, which is also considered haunted by many, is also on the island.

Being a historical landmark, the place gives off a creepy vibe, but it remains as a tourist spot because of its beauty.

Teacher’s Camp

Flickr: jamkablam

Still functioning and accommodating tourists who visit Baguio City, Teacher’s Camp has been serving as a training site for teachers since 1908. Located at Leonard Wood Road, the place is said to be haunted by the angry spirits of Baguio City residents, and common experiences include hearing cries and footsteps in the middle of the night.

Way back in high school, we stayed at the place during a field trip around the Summer Capital. I had a bad feeling going to the place because I had heard so much about it, but fortunately, nothing supernatural happened, but where there’s some, there’s fire, right? The ghosts probably fear high schoolers more than high schoolers fear them.

I dare anyone to stay at the place for at least one night, and see if you’re going to experience what the others are claiming to be supernatural occurrences. Having those thoughts alone would probably make you raise a white flag.

Baguio City is also the location of many haunted places such as the Laperal House, the Diplomat Hotel, and the Philippine Military Academy.

Clark Air Base Abandoned Hospital

Bon Banks via PumpDown

This abandoned hospital in Clark Air Base, Pampanga served as a refuge to American soldiers during World War II. That alone could already be a dead giveaway as to what kind of ghosts haunt the place. Like the war it witnessed, this abandoned hospital is said to be home to violent ghosts.

If it was featured in National Geographic’s I Wouldn’t Go in There, then who am I to disagree right? Well, apparently I am someone, because I did go to the place with my friends to shoot a really short action sequence for a short film. It was a really hot day when we went there, but the moment we entered the premises, I felt a spine-tingling chill. Once again, nothing scary happened while we were there, but it was oddly cold inside the building.

I highly recommend the place not only because it’s from Pampanga, where I was born and raised, and still staying, but also because it was featured in I Wouldn’t Go in There, and defying the scary odds would seem like a mission to haunted house enthusiasts.

What other haunted places would you recommend from any country? Sound in the comments below!

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Header Image: Retrieved from Hauntedia

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