The Walking Dead 702 ‘The Well’ Review: The King and Carol

One of the best feelings when it comes to watching a show based on a comic book is to see the characters from the source material be brought to life by great actors. The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 2 will take us deep into “The Well” to discover some iconic figures from the comics: Ezekiel, Shiva, and The Kingdom.

One of the most noteworthy things in the episode is the opening sequence: Alanna Masterson, Christian Serratos, and Josh McDermitt are in; Steven Yeun, and Michael Cudlitz are out. I haven’t fully recovered from the previous episode so I don’t even want to talk about how we’re going to miss both of them.

The episode starts with the men of the Kingdom, Morgan, and Carol on their way to the Kingdom, and since this is sort of picking up where we last saw Carol, she is still not mentally in herself. There’s a scene where she sees an old woman in a creepy house who turns out to be a walker. It could have ended badly for her, but of course, this is Carol, she’s strong, and I don’t think they would do that to her this season.

I love the fact that every time an episode focuses on Carol, she just steals the show. With the great character writing, and an actress who should have won an Emmy by now, Carol is undoubtedly one of the strongest female characters on television that they might as well develop a spin-off called The Carol Show. I would take it as poor decision making if they kill her off the show anytime soon.

Morgan, on the other hand, is one of the most expendable character they have on the show right now. He integrated himself into The Kingdom in just a snap, and knowing King Ezekiel, he doesn’t have ulterior motives for trusting Morgan to a point that he even called him a friend of a realm. Morgan’s changing, and that is evident with the way he is handling things in the episode.

There is definitely a friendly relationship blossoming between Carol and Morgan, and they could be an amazing dynamic duo for the show. While Morgan is now starting to consume the idea that there are times when it’s necessary to kill, Carol is trying to learn how to not get in the way of people because it seems like she doesn’t want blood in her hands anymore. They’re both finding the balance between killing and preserving lives. Carol is sort of downgrading mentally at this point, but I think she is just as prepared as anyone to deal with trouble.

Morgan is assigned by Ezekiel to mentor Ben, and there is a relationship that could be explored between the two. I just hope that it’s not going to mirror Eastman’s fate.

Ezekiel’s character is very interesting, and fun. His introduction wasn’t too in-your-face, but it still managed to intrigue me as a viewer. Khary Payton’s portrayal of the character is outstanding, and I feel like he’s easily going to be one of the fan favorites of the TV series. Ezekiel speaks as if he was born centuries ago, and he has his own way of dealing with things. His own way includes having a pet tiger.

That’s right, another iconic character from the comic books is now on the show, and that’s Shiva. We find out later that the tiger protected him, and made him larger than life. Shiva may just be a tiger, but she seems to have a really strong sense on people. She may be a CGI tiger, but the viewers are going to fall in love with her as they discover the relationship between her and Ezekiel in future installments. She only lasted 10 issues in the comics, but hopefully, they would give her a longer lifespan on the show.

As the episode progressed, we find out that The Kingdom is also providing for the Saviors, and that’s where the pigs eating the walkers in the trailer comes in as they would use those feral pigs as offer to the Saviors – TAINTED MEAT!!! It doesn’t end well as an altercation occurs between Richard and one of the Saviors who arrived to claim what’s “theirs.” Ezekiel stops this because, as we later found out from Ben, he doesn’t want to fight because he doesn’t want to lose people.

We do not fully know the legend between The Kingdom and The Saviors, but this is probably a smart idea. The Kingdom is outnumbered and outgunned, and they would surely lose the fight if they try to take on the Saviors alone. Some of us already know how they are going to be involved with Alexandria, and The Hilltop in the comics, and it seems like this is the beginning of that alliance.

Ben (who is portrayed by Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse‘s Logan Miller) may not know what is right, but he is definitely another interesting character in the episode. He’s starting out as a, sort of, wimp, but I think we’re going to see him develop in the future to be a stronger character with the help of Morgan.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel finds Carol’s Betty Homemaker facade BS, and when she comes clean, the King also tells his story, and tells Carol that life is hope, that there is “heroism, grace, and love,” and hopes that Carol doesn’t walk away from life. They came to a compromise where Carol can leave but not leave.

Carol decided to stay at the creepy house at the beginning of the episode. There is a moment that Carol and Morgan shared where Carol says she might regret trying to stab Morgan, and Morgan says she’s his favorite person he knocked out. Carol says she’ll be watching and that she’s always ready before Morgan leaves. The episode ends with Ezekiel and Shiva visiting Carol at the house where he offers her a pomegranate, and she smiles. And that’s the beginning of the romance between Carol and Ezekiel!

With an emotionally heavy season premiere, “The Well” managed to follow the episode with a really positive tone. The introduction of the new characters was very well done, and the development of Carol and Morgan’s, Morgan and Ezekiel’s, and Carol and Ezekiel’s relationship is outstanding. The entire episode reinvigorated the grayness that took over because of the previous episodes of the series. This episode was a breath of fresh air and because of that, it deserves an 8 out of 10.

You can watch the promo for The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 3, “The Cell” below:

What are your thoughts on Carol’s decision to be by herself at the end and King Ezekiel’s Kingdom management?

Header Image: AMC 

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