End Note

I don’t know how to start this…
There were days when I thought things will be better for me.
I thought things were okay, and I thought I was going to be okay.
But of course, nothing has gone the way I wanted them to be.

I was never a good friend to anyone,
I was never a good enough son to my parents.
I am just going mad.
In fact, I love sleeping more than anything
because being awake only makes me suffer,
So I will put myself to fathomless sleep
After I write this note.

Some people will probably shrug it off as nothing,
Some will say it’s stupid,
And a few will realize they lost someone important.
This is not for them. This is for me.

I know this is not the only way,
But life has become unbearable,
And I am ready to take on a better adventure.
Please forgive me.

That’s all there is,
Because it’s really difficult
To put your thoughts into words
When you want to kill yourself.

I am alright, and there is no need for anyone to worry. I wrote this way back in 2013 to give people a perspective on what it’s like to have suicidal thoughts. This is not okay, and things like this will be said and written if we don’t make the people around us feel that they matter. Sometimes, it is not just really about the person losing their way, it is about how we help them find their way back to make them realize that this is truly not the only way.

Always remember that you are not alone, and there is someone out there who is always ready to help.

Every Friday, I’ll be posting short stories and poetry that will hit you right in the feels. Want to send a contribution? Click here.

Header Image: Antonio Litterio via The Haystack


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