The Walking Dead 7×01 Review: A Waterfall of Tears

It took six months for us to get here, and most of us were excited to find out who the Lucille victim is. The title of the episode seems to be a shout out from the producers to us for that excitement, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.”

You would think that they would immediately show us who the Lucille victim is, but no, they decided to show us the sneak peek they released weeks ago and make us wait a little bit longer because that is how they roll on The Walking Dead. This seemed more of a suspense-building technique which, in my opinion, worked although I would bet that it made a lot of fans feel uneasy about the fact that they must wait a little longer to find out who the victim was.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as expected, gave a magnificent portrayal of the series’ greatest villain. Every line that comes out of his mouth is gripping, and the fact that he could add charm to his, at least we can say, evil ways of dealing with things makes the TV counterpart of Negan’s character more lovable. Whether you love to hate him, or hate to love him, it’s not going to matter, because he’s here, and the show will definitely keep him for a really long time.

The reveal of the victim was very graphic, but it was perfectly done that it’s going to leave a mark in our memory. We see Negan go on with his eeny meeny miny mo before he chooses Abraham. Sasha, of course cries during the ordeal as her lover was beaten into a pulp. A lot of you may have missed it, but he did a little peace sign to Sasha before the bat hits him, which was just so heartbreaking if you come to think of how it all started for them.

Sasha is one of the characters I have been rooting for the moment she made her debut on the show. Abraham’s death could either make her stronger, or destroy her, especially if she does what Holly did in the comics. One thing’s for sure, this is going to prevent her from seeking a new lover anytime soon, because after Bob and Abraham, she’s probably going to think that the apocalypse doesn’t have room for romance.

The sequence continues with Rosita crying, and Negan taunting her with Lucille. This made Daryl angry, so he attacks Negan. With the number of Saviors surrounding them, and knowing what Negan is capable of, this was one of the dumbest and most irresponsible decision I’ve ever seen made by Daryl.

Negan is a man of his word, so of course, he swings his bat at Glenn. I don’t even want to describe the scene because it was so painful. I am a diehard fan of Glenn’s ever since season one, which is something I should have let go knowing what happened to him in the comics, but he was just great as a character. I can’t help but blame Daryl for this, and I was sort of hoping that he was the one who took that hit instead of Glenn because that was clearly his fault.

Just like every other big death from the show, we’re just going to have to move on from this. The episode continues with the RV scene where Negan plays mind games with Rick. I could see how this is one of Rick’s lowest point because he can’t even do anything to stand up to Negan without causing another potential death from his team. According to Negan, what he did was supposed to change the way Rick looks at him, and since the mind games in the RV, and throwing him at the small herd of walkers didn’t change that, he has another idea in mind which made a lot of us fans worry for a few minutes.

Negan calls Carl to come over, and the latter does. He asks if Carl Is a leftie, and when the latter says no, Negan straps his belt around Carl’s left arm tight, then drew a line on Carl’s arm before telling Rick to cut it off with the axe or everyone else dies. Rick of course begs and cries as Negan counts him down, another emotional sequence for all of us. If Rick was broken with the first two deaths, I bet this has broken him even more. Carl tells his dad to do it, and when Rick was about to chop it off, Negan stops him telling him that they answer, provide, and belong to him now, and Rick repeated this back to him. It was really sad to see Rick surrender to Negan, but it was their only choice.

This was obviously one of Negan’s ways to show that he’s in charge, and that he has power, but it doesn’t end there. He takes Daryl, and tells Rick that he will cut pieces of Daryl and leave it on his doorstep if he doesn’t obey before leaving the group.

The episode ends with the group deciding what to do with the bodies, and how to move forward after the devastating event. It was really sad, but beautiful to watch Sasha interact with the two women who must have been affected the most by the deaths, although you could say that she is definitely just as affected as them. She talks to Rosita about taking Abraham’s body, where the latter agrees. Maggie, on the other hand, is consoled by her too, telling everyone that she will be the one to take her to the Hilltop. The interaction between everyone involved was heartbreaking, but it definitely gives us a new hope as to how the event would affect the dynamics of the characters.

Rick, remembering the taunting by Negan about how he thought they would all grow old together, had a vision that shows Glenn and Abraham still alive, with Glenn and Maggie’s baby, Sasha pregnant, and the rest of the “family” having a peaceful dinner before they leave the gruesome scene.

This was another heartbreaking sequence and it almost felt like I am going through it too as it happens. These are characters we learned to love, and saying good bye to them Is very painful.

This episode was beautifully written, but if I would include this in my ranking, it won’t take the top spot, but I would say that it is already one of the best episodes to date. Props to Greg Nicotero and Scott M. Gimple because overall, the episode was enthralling. There were sequences that felt a little dragged and gimmicky, but other than that, it was excellent. With that, I would give “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” a 7.5 out of 10.

I am a mess while I was writing this review, so pardon me if I missed anything important.

You can watch the promo for the upcoming episodes below:

What do you think of The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”? Sound in the comments below!

Header Image: AMC

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