The Days of our Love

Fifteen days ago, you were a stranger who got my attention at a bar as we talked about the ups and downs of our personal lives.

Fourteen days ago, we had an entire night getting to know each other, not caring about the world, as we discovered how perfect we are for each other.

Thirteen days ago, you said “I love you,” and I said “I love you too,” because the reality of it couldn’t get any more obvious as we both reluctantly broke our kiss.

Twelve days ago, we went for a night drive, and you stopped in the middle of nowhere as we talked about the potential of our relationship under the stars.

Eleven days ago, you introduced me to your friends, and I could not help but notice how they celebrated when you told them that we were official.

Ten days ago, I introduced you to my friends, and I could not help but notice how delighted you were when they celebrated for I am no longer single.

Nine days ago, we were starting to see the positive changes in our lives because of the passion, and the faith that we have in our ongoing romance.

Eight days ago, I opened up a lot about my past, and you told me to never let them go, for the past paved a path for us to find each other.

Seven days ago, we had our first argument after a movie date because we can’t decide which restaurant we should go to, we weren’t really angry about it.

Six days ago, we were just staring into each other as we lay in bed, admiring every imperfection that we possess, as we talk about our plans for the future.

Five days ago, you told me that it felt like you have known me for a long time, and proved it by giving me a copy of a rare book that I like but never told anyone about.

Four days ago, you revealed a big secret that broke my heart, but made me realize that my love for you is stronger than it ever was.

Three days ago, I felt time slow down as we sat around a bonfire with our friends, relishing every moment as we all share our stories.

Two days ago, you decided to end it because you didn’t want to be selfish, and told me to find someone whose love doesn’t have an expiration date.

Yesterday, I wanted to tell you how much I love you, what your love meant to me, and how it quickly changed my perspective in life, but I was too late.

Today, I stare into nothingness, hoping that time machines exist so I could go back in time to find you and change how quickly it all went.

Forever, you occupy a space in my heart, mind, and soul, for over a short period of time, our love eternally made us one.

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