American Horror Story: Roanoke – ‘Chapter 5’ Recap and Thoughts

Last week, we witnessed the early fan favorite, Coke Zero-loving Cricket get disemboweled by the Butcher, and we also got Scathach’s (Lady Gaga) backstory, as well as the real story of what happened to the people of Roanoke.

Over the previous weeks, it has been speculated that we will get a story line from the Freak Show’s Motts this season, and fans have been waiting for Evan Peters to appear on the show. This week, we get both. Evan Peters portrays the role of Dandy’s (Freak Show’s crazy villain portrayed by Finn Wittrock) ancestor, Edward Phillip Mott, a man who prefers “the company of art.”

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin portraying herself revealed that the house the Millers are currently staying in was built by Mott in the late 18th century to store his art collection. It is also worth noting that he is in a homosexual affair with his lover/servant Guinness.

Weird things started happening as soon as Mott started living in the house. Just like Dandy, the man is also unhinged because after he finds all his paintings slashed, he blamed it on his servants and he locked them up in the cellar before throwing away the key. It was too late, however, when he found out that the Butcher and Ambrose were the ones responsible for it, and he was killed that same night.

Although Evan Peters’ screen time was limited, I think he really stood out in the episode, and I know this is not the last time we’re going to see him in the series.

Back in the present day, the Millers along with Lee’s daughter, Flora, are trying to find a way to escape from the Butcher, and the mob of spirits. Matt’s plan was to distract the mob, while Shelby and Flora make a run for it, but that was difficult too because, in Shelby’s words, “you can feel the house coming alive.”

I really love the sequence when all the ghosts who died in the house started appearing, especially when there was a sort of an homage to The Ring. It is what most horror fans are waiting for, a collection of all the dead spirits coming back to make the living feel their wrath.

We can’t lose hope for the Millers, though, because they’re the ones retelling the stories in front of a camera, and Mott arrives just in time to help them escape through the tunnels constructed when the house was being built. It is worth noting that he had the underground tunnels built so he and his art could make an escape if ever trouble comes into the house.

Just when you thought they’re already safe, they’re apprehended by the Polks. Elias is back, as he was apparently saved by Mama Polk who is portrayed by Frances Conroy, but tells them to get out before the Mama Polk gets back.

It’s really great to see some familiar faces return. I really love Frances Conroy from Moira O’Hara to Gloria Mott.

It is revealed that the Polks made a deal with the Butcher, and they plan to drive the Millers back to the house due to the grudge they have for them after their babies are taken away from by the police when they were discovered. Matt attacks the Polks killing one of them, but they still couldn’t do anything, and they were still taken to the Butcher.

Just when they were about to be killed, however, Ambrose decides to betray his mother once again, and pushes her into the fire as punishment for the colony’s sins. As all of this is happening, Mott is untying the Millers, and before the Piggy Man could continue with the failed ritual by the Butcher, Lee rams him with her car, and they all escape.

It was a relief to finally see an end to the troubles that the Millers had at that house. The first half of the season is over, but what will the second half offer? A big twist is coming, and I think all of us fans should be prepared for what’s to come.

I would give this a 10 out of 10, not only because we saw a lot of familiar AHS faces return, but also because it seemed like the perfect ending for an overall great story line for the first half of the season.

American Horror Story: Roanoke returns next week for its sixth episode, and in the promo, we see Cheyenne Jackson telling a cameraman to not stop rolling no matter what anybody says. Does this mean no more reenactments? Are the real life Millers and the actors who play the Millers on the show ever going to cross paths? A lot can still happen, so stay tuned!

You can watch the promo for next week’s episode below:

What do you think of this week’s American Horror Story? Sound in the comments below!

Header Image: FX

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