Man versus Earth

Earth has proven time and time again how much of a work of art it is. Landscapes of beauty that could be hidden in an unexplored cave, the depths of the seas, the canopies formed by trees in the forests, the untouched spring on top of a mountain, the pure white sand on the beach with that meets with the waves of the ocean on its shore, and even the simplest of coffee plantations and grape vineyards.

Pictures have shown me how beautiful our planet is. Some of those, I have witnessed with my own eyes, and I would give anything just to see the rest. But every time I have that moment watching the tangerine avalanche of a sunset, or listening to the peacefulness of night, one things always pops up in my head. What will happen to the next generation if all of this beauty is gone?

Earth has been orbiting around the sun for billions of years now, it has survived multiple catastrophes (wouldn’t say the same to its inhabitants, because hello, dinosaurs), and it has served other lives before humans even existed. Day by day, the planet is changing. Nature can make everything we have known disappear in just a blink of an eye. That may sound like an exaggeration, but if you get the picture, Earth will survive nature’s wrath no matter what, but can we?

A lot of us are aware of this issue: The way that most humans take more than what we need from our planet. Nature is taking its toll on us because of our greed. We have been taking too much that we forgot to give back, we forgot how to take care of it, we are continuously abusing it, and we are killing it little by little.

There is a really big difference between need and greed. Need is of course, necessary, while greed is just plan rapaciousness. Why be ruthless when we can just be compassionate with the way we treat the planet? Maybe if we understand what enough means, we wouldn’t be this greedy in the first place.

Every year, our country experiences different clap backs from nature, whether it is 20 tropical typhoons, sometimes 4 of which powerful enough to destroy an entire region, or a drought that could last for an entire year. That is the only way for nature to actually avenge itself.

I admire those environmental and ecological activists who are not afraid to voice out their opinions, and I admire those who are not afraid to support them. Despite the hate they may receive, and all the mockery they have to go through, they still strive to look for ways to preserve the planet.

Of course, if there are those who care, and if there are those who only work to satisfy their greed, there are also those who are indifferent about the reality of the situation. The apathy is too widespread that it is probably worse than the pollution that a lot of cities are experiencing right now. When are you going to start to care? When are you going to stop thinking only about yourself? Do you want a world for your children and grandchildren where only artificial beauty exists?

“What is the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” as penned by Henry David Thoreau; How are we going to do anything at all if we do not have a tolerable planet at all? A tolerable planet is supposed to have free breathable air, clean water, trees that can provide shade, and most importantly, sane people. Do you see the decline? If you don’t, get your eyes checked.

The future of the planet depends on what we do to it now, and how we deal with it may be parallel to to how our life is going to be. You do not only have to be aware of what is happening, you also have to believe it. Belief begets action, and with action, we can start the change that a lot of us should have started when the polar ice caps started melting.

Earth can erase all of us in one fell swoop when it decides that it is better off without us, because while we may not be aware of it, Earth can actually survive without humans. Right now, we just really have to learn how to give and take with nature.

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