American Horror Story: Roanoke – Thoughts on ‘Chapter 4’

Last week, American Horror Story: Roanoke‘s “Chapter 3 gave us a lot of answers about Flora, the Butcher, and the Roanoke Colony. This week, will we get a backstory about the Motts of AHS: Freak Show as suspected by a lot of fans and will we finally see Evan Peters? Read on to find out!

Also, good news for all AHS fans! The show is renewed for a seventh season which means our nightmares don’t end in Roanoke.

The season can’t seem to get over pigs because the first scare of the episode, right off the bat, was the Piggy Man. I really don’t know, but because of the show, pigs definitely terrify me. Anyway, just when Shelby and Matt were about to be murdered by the piggy pig pig, Dr. Elias Cunningham (portrayed by the great Denis O’Hare) arrives just in time to save them.

It was Dr. Cunningham who explained that Croatoan is a “word of dark power and magic,” and he also reveals some stories about the former inhabitants of the house.

We also find out that the colonial spirits, led by Thomasyn White aka the Butcher, can only kill on a six-day cycle of the dying grass moon, so the Millers have to be gone because if they stay, they’re pretty much screwed. Fans related this to Wes Bentley’s character in Freak Show, Edward Mordrake, who can only kill on Halloween.

Dr. Cunningham led the couple into the woods to help them retrieve Priscially, but things get ugly when Shelby went gaga when saw Lady Gaga. She chased her, because maybe she wanted to know who Matt had one night stand with in “Chapter Three,” but she ended up face-to-face with the spirits, and among them were Piggy Man, the nurses, and Priscilla, who of course, is with Flora.

This is when things start to get confusing, because Dr. Cunningham was shot by arrows. Is he dead? Is he alive? Is he a spirit? Is he a spirit that died again? What is happening? I love how they really keep things mysterious in this season of AHS, but we really need answers, because everything is really starting to get confusing.

After Dr. Cunningham was shot by arrows, the couple ran back home where they were greeted by everybody’s favorite psychic, Cricket. We get a lot of scenes from Cricket this episode, one of which is making a deal with “the bitch with the real power,” Lady Gaga. In exchange for Matt, Cricket was given some answers about the colony and the Butcher.

The ancient religion and the character of Lady Gaga’s character’s backstory, which was revealed later in the episode, is very interesting. AHS definitely stepped up their game this season, because it seemed like a very well-researched theme that was creatively expanded with the use horror tropes and also relating it to the previous seasons of the series.

Cricket is easily one of the funniest and most memorable characters this season, because seriously, which other character from the entire series have talked about gay for pay? Anyway, after thinking that he could finally beat the Butcher, he decides to go back to his hotel first, but on the way, he sees Flora, so he went into the woods to find her.

The end of the episode was pretty much a grim ending, because Flora may have been saved by Priscilla, everybody’s favorite psychic, Cricket, is disemboweled by Ambrose. And yes, Matt got the message – They’re next!

This is an overall good episode, but I did not enjoy it as much as the earlier chapters. I would give this a 7.5 out of 10. And by the way, still no Evan Peters, and we may have had a few subtle Freak Show references, but it’s definitely not the Motts.

American Horror Story: Roanoke returns next week for its fifth episode “Chapter Five.”

You can watch the promo for next week’s episode below:

What do you think of this week’s American Horror Story? Sound in the comments below!

Header Image: FX.

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