Ranking Every ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode (63-43)

There are only 20 days left before the seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead premieres on our TV screens.

I decided to rank every The Walking Dead episodes of the first six seasons from the worst to the best. Last week, I covered the “not-so-good” episodes, listing 20 episodes from the 83rd spot to the 64th spot (83-64). This week, I will be listing 21 episodes which I think are the “good” episodes of the series.

Without further ado:

63. Season 6, Episode 8 “Start To Finish”

Definitely a bad episode for a midseason finale, the episode made up for all the clumsy, dull, and stupid decisions with the extremely tense and dramatic moments. I would say that the cliffhanger wasn’t as satisfying, because the entire episode felt like a subtle way of stalling.

62. Season 1, Episode 2 “Guts”

Guts definitely had it with the effects, and pacing, but the half-baked drama fell short. The episode did set up conflicts and relationships for the characters, but it didn’t manage to maintain the greatness of the pilot episode.

61. Season 5, Episode 7 “Crossed”

The penultimate episode of season 5A, “Crossed” definitely wasn’t one of the best of season 5. While the episode managed to let all the main characters share the spotlight, it wasn’t as powerful as the earlier episodes of the fifth season, and it sort of killed the momentum.

60. Season 6, Episode 7 “Heads Up”

The episode that marked the return of Glenn after they decided to remove his name from the opening credits. It had a strong beginning, and a strong end, but everything else in the middle was just there to sort of round up everyone and everything for the midseason finale.

59. Season 6, Episode 14 “Twice as Far”

A really emotional episode that failed to give the viewers enough focus, “Heads Up” still managed to give us a few powerful moments delivered by Daryl, Abraham, and Eugene. Also, Denise died in the episode.

58. Season 3, Episode 13 “Arrow on the Doorpost”

This episode seemed like it would be action-packed, instead we get some backstory, character development, and a really long dialogue between Rick and the Governor. This was one of the episodes that managed to give us intensity despite not having too much walker action.

57. Season 4, Episode 15 “Us”

The episode managed to effectively focus on three groups, and it’s definitely one of the happier episodes of the sorrowful second half of season 4. The episode definitely made us feel hope when some of our heroes managed to reunite and achieve their goal then, which was to make it to Terminus.

56. Season 4, Episode 13 “Alone”

The disappearance of Beth, and the induction of Daryl to the claimers was definitely the icing on top of the cake for this overall good episode. Bob’s backstory, Sasha’s fear, and Maggie’s speech gave the episode a beautiful dramatic touch. The ending was so beautiful to watch too.

55. Season 6, Episode 6 “Always Accountable”

An episode that focused on Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha, “Always Accountable” explored the potential romantic relationship between Abraham and Sasha which seemed to have found its spark in the season 6 premiere. It also introduced one of the greatest characters of the show, Dwight, and gave us a bone-chilling cliffhanger that left most of us wondering.

54. Season 2, Episode 6 “Secrets”

This is an episode that pretty much brought everything into the open. A barn full of walkers? Check! Lori’s pregnancy? Check! Dale’s unpredictability? Check! It explored the changing and growing relationships our heroes, and it sort of gave everyone’s arc more room to work on.

53. Season 4, Episode 10 “Inmates”

It’s not as emotionally compelling as the midseason premiere of season 4, but “Inmates” surely did not disappoint. The episode managed to effectively focus on four groups and give us an idea on the aftermath of the prison attack without confusing us because of the beautiful pacing. I think the show experimented with the groupings for the episode, which I think is great, because I love it when they explore new dynamics between the characters.

52. Season 5, Episode 13 “Forget”

The episode may not have been action-packed, but it still gave us good drama. Sasha’s storyline is becoming more interesting, and the show is giving us a hint that she is someone to watch for. Carol’s compelling character continues to be interesting, and poor Sam had to be the accessory to this greatness.

51. Season 5, Episode 14 “Spend”

Noah died in this episode after Reg asked him to be his student, which was shocking and sad. It was an overall solid episode as most of the actors gave solid performances giving us a really intense hour which I think really left an impact to the viewers.

50. Season 4, Episode 3 “Isolation”

This is the episode where Carol’s badassery started when she subtly revealed to Rick that she was the one who killed Karen and David. In addition to that, we were given a very gripping performance by Chad Coleman as his character, Tyreese, tries to deal with the death of Karen.

49. Season 3, Episode 7 “When the Dead Come Knocking”

If you didn’t feel anything when Glenn fought a walker in a locked room while he was tied to a chair, then you’re not a true fan. This episode also marks Michonne’s unofficial induction to Rick’s group. In my opinion, I think the episode gave intense scenes that made for a good build-up for the midseason finale.

48. Season 1, Episode 6 “TS-19”

The season 1 finale that almost felt like a movie because of the intensity, it gave us a chance to see an insight on the group’s motivations, and it also gave us a reason to care for them. Dr. Jenner whispering something to Rick was the highlight of the episode.

47. Season 5, Episode 15 “Try”

The penultimate episode of season 5 which presented us with an iconic moment from the comics, “Try” was critically acclaimed, and Andrew Lincoln’s performance is the main reason for it. Rick’s meltdown is, without a doubt, the highlight of the episode, and I think would go down as one of the greatest moments of the character.

46. Season 6, Episode 10 “The Next World”

Jesus was introduced, ‘nuff said.

45. Season 5, Episode 12 “Remember”

The episode that marked the introduction of Alexandria, and a lot of familiar faces from the comics, “Remember” managed to subtly give us a gripping hour of what could be the biggest turning point for the series. The way the characters from the comics are remixed is also brilliantly done. Carol’s interview was also remarkable because us viewers know who she is now, and for her to describe herself differently is almost comedic.

44. Season 5, Episode 5 “Self Help”

First, the emotional performance by Michael Cudlitz could pretty much make up the goodness of the entire episode; second, the writing: we were given great backstories, and a good revelation by Eugene; third, Rosita and Tara are starting to become loveable characters. What more could you ask for?

43. Season 4, Episode 5 “Internment”

A really intense episode filled with walker action, badassery, and drama, “Internment” focused on the final part of the flu arc. The episode was critically acclaimed because of Scott Wilson’s performance as Hershel, and I’m not going to disagree. This is one of the episodes that I think would leave anyone speechless.

That’s it for the second part of The Adrenalist Writer’s The Walking Dead episode ranking. Check back next week to see which episodes made it to the Top 42.

Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting Top Lists about a wide variety of topics. Got any suggestions? Click here.

Header Image: AMC

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