American Horror Story: Roanoke – Thoughts on ‘Chapter 3’

The second chapter of American Horror Story last week ended with Lee’s daughter missing. There’s a burning question that remains to be answered… What happens when the cameras are turned off?

The mystery aspect of the season continues to pick up every episode, as effectively proven the third chapter where Shelby, Matt, and Lee learn more about the eerie things that continue to happen around them as they search for Flora, Lee’s daughter.

The episode effectively provided an even darker, and creepier look into what our protagonists could be facing with the use of elements such as a dismembered doll, children, and an abandoned farmhouse.

The addition of the feral children feeding on a sow is a perfect touch to the focus of the episode, which is the search for Flora, as It seemed to have gave away a hint about what might have already happened.

Mason, Lee’s ex-husband, also comes into the episode only to be killed off. This is definitely a heavy episode for Lee as she had to talk about it on camera and relive the dark moments. In addition to that, this makes Shelby suspicious of Lee after she and Matt found the security footage that sort of hints that it was Lee. We all know it wasn’t her, of course.

Meanwhile, Leslie Jordan rejoins the show as Cricket, a medium from New Orleans (where Coven was set, and Jordan played council member Quentin Fleming). With the help of Cricket, we find out that Priscilla is not imaginary at all, and is actually a child who died in the 1500s.

We also get a backstory about Kathy Bates’ character when she was summoned by Cricket. She’s a butcher named Thomasyn White, and was once the leader of the Roanoke Colony, but was exiled by everyone including her son, Ambrose, who is played Wes Bentley. With the help of Lady Gaga, she returned to the colony for revenge, but decided to spare Ambrose.

“Croatoan!” also makes its debut this episode, which is really exciting especially to the fans. Remember Murder House?

It’s satisfying, as we finally get some answers to the biggest questions we have about the show, but then that raises a lot of question about the first episode: Did Shelby see evil spirits, or did she travel through a wormhole? Also, Cricket’s claims that the story everyone knows about the Lost Colony is only something people think they know has raised a lot more questions, and a lot of other things to look forward to.

Lee’s character is also starting to get more interesting as it was revealed that she already lost a child named Emily. The show is definitely putting too much work on making this feel like documentary, but as we have all learned from Ryan Murphy, this is all heading to really big twist.

The episode ended with Matt returning from a “dazed” sexy time with Lady Gaga in the woods, and Lee getting arrested by the police because Shelby turned her in. The strain in their relationships is definitely going to be the start of dumber decisions being made, eventually leading to consequential results of where this nightmare could lead for them.

As of now, we can’t really assume that Shelby, Matt, and Lee will live through this season just because they’re the only ones retelling the events on cam.

This episode definitely deserves a 10 out of 10. The episodes are getting progressively good, and hopefully, this trend will continue.

American Horror Story: Roanoke returns next week for its fourth episode “Chapter Four.”

You can watch the promo for next week’s episode below:

What do you think of this week’s American Horror Story? Let me know in the comments below!

Header Image: FX.

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