Early 20’s Crisis

Adulthood is arguably one of the most difficult stages in anyone’s life because this is where you start to immerse yourself into the world where you’re given the big responsibility to create a bright future for yourself, and sometimes, even for the people who might come into your life.

I just turned 22 this August, so most would think that I am barely qualified to talk about a topic like this. However, probably just like everyone else, I had these early realizations of what being an adult is like because ever since something really disappointing happened in my life, I made sure that I will not expect anything from anyone but myself.

With that thought, I have been easily hit with this so-called “life crisis” that everybody would never want to experience, and that’s when I realized that my adulthood is nothing but a masquerade.

Based on the things I have experienced, there are some things that could keep up a person in their early 20’s at night. From jobs to relationships, there is just a wide variety of things that we worry about that reality keep slapping us to make sure we won’t fall asleep.

If we do have a job, we’re still worried about sacrificing our youth. Although being young is a feeling that we can keep forever, enjoying that feeling when we’re actually young is something that we don’t want to put to waste. We want to broaden our horizons by travelling, we want to meet new people by partying, and we want to indulge ourselves with things that make us feel young.

Then there comes another problem, if we actually do travel, party, and indulge on our youth, we’re sacrificing our career.

Worrying about jobs and saving up for things that are deemed a necessity, although they could fall under the category of wants, is one of the biggest crisis that we face.

There’s rarely a job that feels fulfilling and pays the bills at the same time. The dilemma is getting a job that pays good but we won’t enjoy doing, or getting a job that we enjoy doing but doesn’t pay enough.

Dating and relationships are something that would be considered easy to most, but could present a big dilemma to the people who barely keep up with their lives.

On one side, we want to be single because we would rather be doing some things by ourselves or with our friends, and not worry about someone else being in our lives.

On the other side, we want to be in a relationship because this is the stage where we should be taking relationships seriously, have someone who would make us feel secure, and for most of us, give us a reason to actually settle down.

We worry about getting “there” although we don’t really know what or where “there” is to us, and we constantly worry about the future, because as I have mentioned above, it’s supposed to be a responsibility to create a bright future.

In our early 20’s, we find decision making a difficult task because we’re torn about almost everything. In the end, we usually look to others to make that decision for us.

Our main mission in our early 20’s is “to the late 20’s or bust” and that makes us forget that living life to the fullest in the present is what matters the most.

I have barely gone through this stage of my life, but as I have learned one of the most important lessons in life: Carpe diem a.k.a. Seize the day, I started to become a more rounded person who is ready to take on any crisis that my early 20’s has to offer or any roadblock that life has to give.

What is the biggest crisis you faced in your early 20’s and how did you overcome it/how do you plan to overcome it? Sound in the comments below!

Every Wednesday, I’ll be posting essays about life. Got any questions? Click here.

Header image: Original image retrieved from makeitlikeaman.com.

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