The Millennial Poison

Have you been chided for being an overachiever, and for making yourself feel special? Do you think you’re always misunderstood because you’re supposed to be intelligent but other people can’t see this? Are you born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s? Chances are you’re a millennial.

Millennials, the Millennial Generation, the Generation Y, whatever you want to call it, are criticized all the time for getting an award, a medal, or a trophy just for participation, and for having everything handed down to them. Apparently, the generation before this didn’t get that kind of treatment, so the millennials are the ones being blamed for it.

The rise of the millennials in the planet have paved way for a lot of developments when it comes to the concept of balancing life and work. Millennials are considered an disgrace in the society for always receiving hand-me-downs, at the same time, having a career that’s very fulfilling without, according to many, paying the bills, because their parents would continue to do that for them.

Millennials are also very well known for being entitled, they think they’re special just because their parents said so. They, apparently, don’t deserve their grades because they breeze through college while partying all night, which makes them think that they’re extra special because they achieved something by doing nothing.

They claim to be misunderstood for all of this because only their opinion matters. They also have a tendency to delay the process of becoming an actual adult because they would rather live with their parents due to the high cost of living today.

People, however, forgot that there wouldn’t be these so called “millennials” if it wasn’t introduced in the first place. Because who handed the first trophy of participation to the first millennials? As far as anybody’s imagination could take it, it’s obviously handed down by someone from the generation before the birth of millennials.

The thing is, most of the time, millennials are blamed for almost every kind of societal destruction for no reason at all, and they are reprimanded for the kind of lifestyle that they try to live just because they lead their lives without having to stress about the things that the previous generation is worried about.

The millennial poison is their upbringing, and the way people receive this kind of upbringing. Millennials tend to forget that breezing through life is not always possible for a lot of people, sometimes, it is important to work hard, and put as much effort in order to achieve something. In addition to that, the level of entitlement, of course, is a big factor why a lot of people are annoyed with the millennial generation.


I’m a writer who does freelance work, and I was born in the era of millennials, and although I would not like to be labelled as one, most would consider me a millennial. I have a very free, and an easy lifestyle that annoys a lot of people. Despite of this, I am pretty sure that I exerted enough effort, and worked hard to actually say that I deserve all the things that I have achieved.

I am not against the kind of lifestyle that millennials have, but I am also not in favor of it; I am also not against the way millennials are chided for this, because I think the criticism that millennials would receive from other people could open their minds to eliminate the negative stereotypes.

Every Monday, I’ll be posting write-ups and opinion about issues that will tickle your fancy. Got any questions or any issues that you want me to write about? Click here.

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